Region’s public schools increasingly reliant on parent funding…DC Trust fires CEO…Nonprofits should think about mobile users [News, 4.5.12]

EDUCATION | With budgets declining, schools across the region are becoming increasingly reliant on donations from parents for everything from supplies to teacher salaries. The trend has brought mixed reactions (WaPo, 4/5):

Many educators are concerned that relying on such private largess exacerbates disparities between schools in affluent neighborhoods — where parents sometimes raise hundreds of thousands of dollars per year — and schools in poor neighborhoods, which often make do with public money… Advocates for parent giving, meanwhile, say such philanthropy promotes stronger community connections to public schools and gives families more control over their children’s education.

COMMUNITY | Nonprofit linked to ex-D.C. Council member Harry Thomas Jr. fires president (WaPo, 4/5):

The board of the Children and Youth Investment Trust Corp. voted to fire Ellen London, its president and chief executive who had headed the group since 2010…Mary A. Terrell, a retired D.C. Superior Court judge, will take over the group’s leadership temporarily.

JUVENILE JUSTICE | D.C. councilman says youth detention facility ‘too permissive’ (Examiner, 4/5)

NONPROFITS | As the number of people using smartphones to surf the internet rapidly increases, the Chronicle points out that nonprofits should be aware of how their websites function on mobile devices. (Chronicle, 4/5)

(DISTRICT) POLITICS | The primary results for the Vincent Orange/Sekou Biddle race is too close to call and it may face a recount. (WAMU, 4/5)

- Here’s an inside look at the newly renovated Howard Theatre - the venue that once feature Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Marvin Gaye, and the Supremes. I can’t wait to check it out…maybe to see the legendary Chuck Berry this month. (WaPo, 4/5)

- It’s opening day for the Nationals! Stephen Strasburg pitches (by which I mean scorches) the Cubs at Wrigley Field at 2:20pm. Go Nats!

If you’re itching for some new music, Alabama Shakes is the next (deservedly) big thing – you heard it here first! Turn up your speakers and listen to Hold On, the single from their debut album.

There won’t be a Daily tomorrow. I hope you all enjoy what looks to be a beautiful weekend. Happy Easter and Passover to anyone celebrating!

Millicent West resigns from DC homeland security post…New survey says ‘food deserts’ might not be the problem…Fairfax County expects 9,000 new jobs this year [News, 2.1.12]

PEOPLE | Millicent West, who lead the Children and Youth Investment Trust Corporation during part of the period when Harry Thomas stole money from it, has resigned her position as the city’s homeland security director. West has not been accused of wrongdoing, but tendered her resignation “to ensure the work of the agency can carry on without any distractions.” (WaPo, 2/1)

FOOD | An interesting new survey from Share Our Strength suggests that access to healthy food for low-income families isn’t as big of a problem as many assume – but that’s not to say that people are actually eating healthily. As The Atlantic puts it, “The greater obstacles to healthy meals are planning skills, time and, yes, price.” (Atlantic, 2/1)

- District schools to introduce gifted-and-talented program (Examiner, 2/1) Which reminds me of this great scene from Zoolander.

- Teacher pensions could cost Prince George’s almost $100m a year in a decade (Examiner, 2/1) It’s a confusing headline, but the article has charts to explain things.

DISTRICT | DCist has pulled out some fun facts from the District’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. For example, tourists were responsible for almost $5.9 billion in local spending in 2010. (DCist, 2/1)

WORKFORCE | The Fairfax County Economic Development Authority is predicting that the country will see 9,000 new jobs within a year. (WTOP, 2/1)

LOCAL | “Mc-FEAR-son” or “Mc-FUR-son” – which is correct? WAMU has the answer. (WAMU, 2/1) Speaking of names that begin with “Mc,” did you know that Ronald McDonald is called Donald McDonald in Japan?

Also related to McPherson, I find it to be pretty disrespectful that the Occupiers have covered General McPherson’s statue with a giant tarp. I’m not sure covering public statues is part of one’s right to assembly.

Anyway, three extra things today. First, here are 20 Common Grammar Mistakes That (Almost) Everyone Gets Wrong. Second, this is cacophonous proof that there would be no Steven Spielberg without composer John Williams.

And last, but certainly not least, a very happy 75th birthday to Mr. Garrett Morris – the most underrated Saturday Night Live alumnus. SNL protects its digital content like crazy, so I couldn’t find the hilarious skit where Morris dresses up as Tina Turner and sings Proud Mary.


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