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July 7, 2009 / nick geisinger

The Chesapeake Bay is beautiful–and usually safe to touch [News, 7.7.09]

ENVIRONMENT | Bay Is a Threat To Humans, Too (WaPo, 7/7) – Watch out for infection says this report from Chesapeake Bay Foundation. “Swimmers should avoid water activities after a rain, which can sweep in animal manure and human waste from older sewage systems and leaky septic tanks… people should not let cuts or open wounds contact the water.” You had me at manure.

DC VOTING RIGHTS | D.C. Advocates Fear Gun Amendment on Budget (RollCall, 7/7)

AFFORDABLE HOUSING | TD Charitable Foundation Offers $2m in Housing Grants (, 7/6) – “From Maine to Florida, the operating area of the banks, non-profit programs can submit their creative solutions for a rocky housing market”

LIES, DAMNED LIES … | Statistics! According to two recent philanthropy reports, either one-third or two-thirds of grant dollars are intended to help under-served groups. The Chronicle summarizes the debate (7/5).

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