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July 8, 2009 / WRAG

Your Summer Reading List?

By Tamara Lucas Copeland, president, Washington Grantmakers

Remember when you’d leave school in June ready to enjoy the summer and then your mom or dad would remind you of the dreaded summer reading list?

Now that we’re adults, summer reading is a luxury that we look forward to as we lounge at the beach or the pool. WG’s Health Working Group has taken summer reading to another level. They have identified various articles — from the New Yorker, Wall Street Journal, Health Affairs, and others — that they feel are important background reading to advise their work. And, later this month, the HWG Book Club will hold its first meeting.

I recently finished Platforms for Collaboration, by Satish Nambisan in the Summer issue of the Stanford Social Innovation Review, The Networked Nonprofit, by Jane Wei-Skillern and Sonia Marciano from the Spring 2008 issue of the Stanford Review, and Uncharitable, by Dan Pallotta. I commend all three to our membership. What have you read recently that you would recommend as we continue to think about the future of philanthropy?

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