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July 27, 2009 / nick geisinger

Economic crisis: “the worst is yet to come” [News, 7.27.09]

ECONOMIC CRISIS | Foundation and Nonprofit Response (Fdn Center, 7/24) – “According to [Foundation Center President Bradford] Smith, the Foundation Center is projecting that 2009 foundation giving in America will decline by 9 to 13 percent, and that this decline will continue through 2010.”

DC VOTE | D.C. Voting Rights Movement Looks Beyond Beltway (WAMU, 7/26) – “recruiting college students from across the country…”

HIV/AIDS | House Bill Lifts Ban On Needle Exchanges (WaPo, 7/25) BUT: “AIDS Action said no part of the city would be eligible for a needle exchange program if the restrictions are approved” because the legislation “includes a restriction against using the money to assist any program that distributes needles within 1,000 feet of day-care centers, schools, parks, playgrounds, pools and youth centers.”

DC SCHOOLS | Rhee rebuts GAO report on schools (Examiner, 7/24), but allows that “overall these [outside reviews] are helpful.”

ARTS | Museums’ funding sources going bone dry (USAToday, 7/23)

SERVICE | Editorial: “Don’t Shortchange National Service” (NYTimes, 7/25) – “Just a few months ago, Congress overwhelmingly approved the Serve America Act… Now, having taken credit for their good deed, lawmakers cannot seem to come up with the money to back up their votes.” I get it–it’s the Serve America ACT. Acting!

PRO BONO | The Benefit of Pro Bono Partnerships (VPPnews, 7/22) – By Carol Thompson Cole – “[W]e have learned some valuable lessons on how to create partnerships that work for all parties…”

YOUTH | Campaign for Youth Justice points us to a CDC report that compares DC students to students across the U.S. in terms of their risk behavior. Over 2.5 more DC students reported that they “Did not go to school because they felt unsafe at school or on their way to or from school” at least once in last 30 days.

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