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November 19, 2009 / nick geisinger

It’s time to stop talking about Twitter (and start tweeting)

By Nick Geisinger, Communications Director, Washington Grantmakers

Allison Fine (@afine) spoke at our meeting last week about social networks (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, listserves) and social change. It’s a big topic that we could discuss endlessly, but it’s far more fun to just dive in. That’s what Allison suggests and that’s what we did with Twitter here a couple of months ago, and with Facebook a few months before that.

Today let’s talk Twitter. You can find us here: @WGrantmakers. Angel Belardinelli does most of our tweeting. We’re working things out on the fly.

And why not? As Allison pointed out, people will talk about you whether you’re there or not. The only choice is whether to participate. Signing up is free and fast. If you want, you can just follow people initially without posting anything yourself, and get a feel for things.

The Community Foundation’s Terri Freeman mentioned that she tweets as a way of getting input from people, and that she appreciates the 140 character limit. Me too. In a world of unlimited information, limits are wonderful. Three cheers for brevity!

This week Angel set up some Twitter lists, which collect tweets from WG member organizations and individual members. Click those links to see what some of your colleagues are thinking about. (Here are actual lists of the WG organizations and individuals we’re following on Twitter. Did we miss you? Let Angel know. In fact, email her if you have questions about any aspect of this!)

In short, it seems like we’ve all done enough talking about social networks. It’s time to start networking!

> WG members can watch Allison Fine’s presentation in full on WGTV.

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