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February 16, 2010 / nick geisinger

Back to life…back to reality [News, 2.16.10]

ARTS | Click here to read Glen Howard’s piece on what we can learn from a new National Arts Index. (WGDaily, 2/16).

Maryland: Governor O’Malley’s Education Reform Act of 2010 accelerates efforts…
O’Malley proposes linking student performance, teachers’ jobs (Examiner, 2/16)

PHILANTHROPY 101 | A new undergraduate program in philanthropic studies (wire, 2/15)

HEALTH | Virginia gets $24 million in federal funds for health care technology (WBJ, 2/16)

HONORED | Community Foundation President Terri Lee Freeman (Informer, 2/15) – “The Washington Wizards are honored to partner with Amtrak in recognizing these outstanding community leaders.”

SICK LEAVE | Lack of paid sick days helped swine flu spread (Health Leaders, 2/16) – “the US is one of only a few developed nations without universal paid sick days.” Related: Public Welfare Foundation’s “Paid Sick Days: A Basic Labor Standard for the 21st Century.”

TWEETING | The White House is doing it (Politico, 2/15). Should you? (Beth Kanter, 2/15)




  1. christian clansky / Feb 16 2010 12:14 pm

    Mixed feelings about White House tweets. Should the WH be social networking? Probably not.

    Can Twitter be used to shrink the business of the country to 140 characters at a time? Maybe. Can’t tell if it is efficient or unreasonably reductive…

  2. nick geisinger / Feb 16 2010 1:02 pm

    You can tweet links to longer things. I see no reason why WH shouldn’t join.

  3. Chris Shearer / Feb 16 2010 1:35 pm

    En Vogue?! You guys are KILLING me.

  4. nick geisinger / Feb 16 2010 1:41 pm

    :) En Vogue may do it, but I was thinking of Soul II Soul:

    1989. Over TWENTY years ago. :-|

  5. Beth Kanter / Feb 18 2010 7:49 pm

    Thanks so much for highlighting my post about CEOs and social media. I prepared for a session that I facilitated in India for NASSCOM. The original post on my blog has some fascinating discussion from NGOS around the world on this topic.

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