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May 19, 2010 / nick geisinger

IRS: “Just kidding!” [News, 5.19.10]

Nonprofits get IRS filing extension (WaPo, 5/19) – The IRS intends to “help these organizations maintain their important tax-exempt status — even if they missed the May 17 deadline.” Who are you and what have you done with the IRS? Seriously, though, good news. The authors of this opinion piece will be happy:
Opinion: “The government has no business deciding what causes are worthy of support.” (WSJ, 5/19)

PEOPLE | Philanthropy Chat (Foundation Center, 5/3), Christopher Shearer of the National Geographic Education Foundation “discusses the foundation’s targeted grantmaking program and also offers practical tips for those trying to raise funds for educational programs”

SAFETY NET | Interim Disability Assistance (IDA) “is one of the most heavily-cut items in Mayor Fenty’s proposed budget.” Here’s what that means. (Beyond Bread, 5/19)

AT RISK YOUTH | “Peaceaholics is in a fight with a D.C. neighborhood group over a plan to bring a facility for at-risk youths to Congress Heights.” (NBC4, 5/18)

For D.C., hope in treating young offenders
(USAToday, 5/19) – the big picture
D.C.’s Chief Judge Says More Authority Needed In Cases Involving Young Offenders (WAMU, 5/19)

HEALTH | Opinion: D.C. budget cuts will hurt Medicaid recipients (WaPo, 5/18)

INVESTING | Oprah hires Eli Broad’s investment manager (WSJ, 5/19)

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