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May 21, 2010 / nick geisinger

Reading is funder-mental [News, 5.21.10]

My apologies for going AWOL yesterday–I tried to save my post and the internet ate it. Also, sorry about that post title up there. Pun-tastic!

Report: Reading skills in early grades are crucial to success
(CSM, 5/18) – Annie E. Casey Foundation report
Walmart Foundation Gives $3.9 Million to Help Increase Middle School Student Reading Levels (wire, 5/19). And speaking of reading…

DC SCHOOLS |Report: D.C. schools make most significant reading gains among urban systems (WaPo, 5/21), from 2007 to 2009. Is it “the Michelle Rhee difference?” (WaPo, 5/21)

SECRET FORMULA | Leaders of Mary’s Center, Martha’s Table, and Miriam’s Kitchen were guests at Wednesday night’s White House state dinner. You probably knew that. But did you realize that each of those names consists of a woman’s “M” name followed by a common, two-syllable, trochaic-metered noun? If you are starting a group, I suggest calling it Mable’s Workshop or Maggie’s Market.

GIVING | Ed Norton Jr. launched another “start your own campaign for charity” page called CrowdRise. Apparently it’s like many others, only funnier and reportedly easier to use.

OVERHEAD | As to “how we should tackle this obsession with keeping overhead low,” Dan Pallotta says: “We have to confront it as an issue of ethics.”

ENVIRONMENT | Profile: Summit Fund of Washington (Community Foundation, 5/20) – “The Anacostia River could be the jewel in the city’s cap, a gift to everyone in the community.”

EDUCATION | To fight ‘dropout factories,’ school program starts young (USAToday, 5/20) – Diploma’s Now pilot program starts to spread.

PACMAN | is still fun.


Thursday, May 27, 10am (WG event): Health Reform: What Does It Mean for Funders in Our Region?
Open to funders and invited guests
Location: Public Welfare Foundation, 1200 U Street NW

Alan Weil, executive director of the National Academy for State Health Policy, will explain the important role of philanthropy during the legislation’s implementation. Discussion to follow.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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