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June 22, 2010 / nick geisinger

“The lack of paid sick days is harming our public health” [News, 6.22.10]

June 24: Update and Strategy Briefing on the Children & Youth Investment Trust Corporation – Join WG’s CYF group for a briefing with Ellen London, newly appointed President and CEO of the Trust.

Lack of paid sick days takes significant toll on workers’ job security and the public health, according to survey results released by the Public Welfare Foundation. (wire, 6/21)
“Public Allies” To Return To D.C. (WAMU, 6/21) – “job training program for young people”

“NETWORKED NONPROFITS” | Rethinking Nonprofits in a Networked World (HuffPo, 6/21) – by Beth Kanter, who has co-written a new book on the topic with Allison Fine (who spoke at the 2009 WG business meeting).

SOCIAL INNOVATION FUND | Opinion: “Instead of coming up with a major substantial program, [the Obama administration] has produced a “mouse” … (onPhilanthropy, 6/20) – says Pablo Eisenberg

PEOPLE | Helping Out: A voice for children in Alexandria (WaPo, 6/21) – profile of Lori Morris, president of the Bruhn-Morris Foundation

GIVING | Wizards Owner Urges Players to Give (WSJ, 6/19)

NEWS NEWS | Increasingly, nonprofits fill a need for investigative reporting (WaPo, 6/21)

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