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July 16, 2010 / nick geisinger

Friday Inferno! [News, 7.16.10]

Bill Gates’ school crusade
(Business Week, 7/15)
A New America Through Broadband” (WaPo, 7/16) –  “Replacing textbooks with e-readers would create a platform that lets students learn as much as they can, as fast as they can. The teacher is freed from drudgery, such as correcting homework, and given the tools to teach more effectively.”

ENRVIRONMENT | Nonprofit Energy Alliance: cheaper, greener electricity (WGDaily, today!)

MERGERS | Pittsburgh Foundation’s Grant Oliphant ponders nonprofit mergers (PBT, 7/16). Is the Pittsburgh BizJournal called “Times” rather than “Journal” to avoid being the “PB&J”? WGDaily: not afraid to ask the hard questions.

BILLIONAIRES | Paul Allen to give away half of his fortune (NYTimes, 7/15)

TWITTER | Cool Tool: Topsy Finds Most Influential Tweeters on Any Topic (GigaOm, 7/15)

The Center for Nonprofit Advancement is accepting nominations for the Gelman, Rosenberg & Freedman 2010 EXCEL Award.

SEISMIC EVENTS | Earthquake! (Didn’t feel it. I am an accomplished sleeper.)

Have a great weekend. Stay cool. (And stay cool.)

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