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August 2, 2010 / nick geisinger

VPP gives $5.5M for expansion of KIPP DC charter schools

EDUCATION | Venture Philanthropy Partners gives $5.5 million for expansion of KIPP DC charter schools (WaPo, 8/2) – “another sign of private money shaking up public education in the District”

PHILANTHROPY | New report: Foundation Giving Trends, 2010 (Foundation Center, 7/29) – “[F]unding for health captured the largest share of grant dollars” … “The median grant awarded by foundations for general operating support – $25,000 – was the lowest among all types of support awarded.”

AFFORDABLE HOUSING | In DC, activists want millions more to help tenants buy their buildings (WAMU, 8/2) – Housing Production Trust Fund. (Background)

LISTS! | The Nonprofit Times’ 2010 Power and Influence Top 50. Yes, top “X” lists sans objective criteria still bug me. Why am I such a nerd?

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT | “‘For a lot of [Community Development Financial Institutions], the ability to lend is dependent upon having that slice of grant support to fund the loan loss reserves,’ said Shari Berenbach, president and chief executive of Bethesda-based Calvert Foundation, a financial intermediary that funds such reserves.”

HEALTH | Big free clinic in DC this week (WaPo, 8/2)

TAXES | “[F]ederal taxes as a percentage of the economy are at their lowest level since the presidency of Harry Truman.” (Newsweek, 8/1) – Not news, but does bear repeating now and then.

GIVING | Charitable Giving in a Recession (Freakonomics, 7/30) – down 5% in 2009, per a new report.

NEWS NEWS | Breaking: Sidney Harman buys Newsweek (Politico, 8/2)


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