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October 19, 2010 / nick geisinger

New: School dinners in DC… “Should philanthropy be a profession?”… A cappella: now cool, allegedly [News, 10.19.10]

D.C. schools dinner program aims to fight childhood hunger (WaPo, 10/19)
– DC’s Healthy Schools Act took effect in August. This site is keeping track of the implementation. The site is managed by DC Hunger Solutions. DC Hunger Solutions exists because a bunch of grantmakers helped create it. (See: Beyond Dollars, pg 14)

LIFE SKILLS | New Finance Park helps students learn to budget (, 10/13) – a collaboration between Junior Achievement, Capital One and Fairfax County Public Schools.

PHILANTHROPY | “Should it be a profession?” Karl Strauber doesn’t think so.  A panel of experts will discuss that with him at the Hudson Institute on Thursday, Oct. 28.

INCOME |…plummets for part-time workers in Washington area (WaPo, 10/19)

EDUCATION | Montgomery County Public Schools was a finalist, but this year’s Broad Prize for Urban Education just went to a district outside Atlanta, Ga. (AJC, 10/19) 

HOMELESSNESS | Tommy Wells to introduce bill limiting D.C. homeless shelters to DC residents (Examiner, 10/19) – Homeless “residents?” This is all kinds of problematic.

SHOCKED! | The NFL has discovered concussions. If you think the NFL’s primary concern is player well-being, read this great (and very long) GQ piece from last year.

OTHER PEOPLE’S SONGS. NO INSTRUMENTS | A cappella is hip now (WaPo, 10/19)–and just 14 years too late for me!


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