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December 3, 2010 / nick geisinger

Learning some new steps in 2011

By Tamara Lucas Copeland, President, Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers

I hope that everyone who attended our 2010 annual meeting was able to keep a paper dancer as a souvenir. Did you notice that each dancer’s core is a map of some part of our region? Mine is from DC, around the Tidal Basin. Yours might be from Gaithersburg or Chantilly or Old Keene Mill Road in Springfield.

Like the paper dancers, each part of our region is unique, but all have much in common. Our challenges are shared challenges. And we need to come together as a region to address these challenges–the way our real-life dancers [roll the tape!] came together in response to that initial call–“I need help!”

How can we fulfill the potential of a region united? Our network of givers is in the process of answering that important, fundamental question. In 2011, we look forward to learning some new steps with you–and to making great

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