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April 5, 2011 / Christian Clansky

Theater tax back…Prince George’s owes $4.2 million to foreign teachers…Unemployment in Ward 8 not the highest in D.C. [News, 4.5.11]

ARTS | Sitting quietly on page 86 of Mayor Gray’s proposed budget is a familiar controversy: a live theater tax. When the Council proposed a similar tax last year, the Helen Hayes Awards wrote a letter which said, “The irreparable economic damage to District businesses, consumers, and the arts overall would be far, far greater than the minimal amount such a tax could yield to offset the budget deficit.” The letter also quoted a WG Daily post written by Michael Bigley, chair of the Arts and Humanities Working Group.

City Paper has a breakdown of arguments for and against the tax. (City Paper, 4/2)

– A federal investigation has ruled that the Prince George’s County Public School System owes $4.2 million in back wages to teachers recruited from foreign countries who were made to pay various legal fees associated with relocation to the U.S. (WaPo, 4/5) The school system also owes $1.7 in penalties, faces possible civil suits, and could lose its ability to secure temporary work visas.

Federal government reviewing sexual violence in D.C. schools (WaPo, 4/5)

MontCo council, school board spar over budget (Examiner, 4/5)

JOBS | Unemployment in Ward 8 is high, but not worst in the nation or even the District (DCFPI, 4/4)

ENVIRONMENT | Don’t forget – the deadline to participate in the Nonprofit Roundtable’s Nonprofit Energy Alliance program is tomorrow. Qualifying organizations can potentially save 10-15% on energy costs, while doing something good for the environment.

DVD rental boxes are coming to Metro stations this summer and could generate more than $800,000 in licensing for the system…over 8 years. (DCist, 4/5) I think it is time to bite the bullet and install Dunkin Donuts in every station train car. That would generate roughly a billion dollars a year. Probably.

– Bike commuting is getting more popular in D.C. (WaPo, 4/3) Except on days like today when the rain is somehow attacking perpendicular to the ground.

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