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April 15, 2011 / Christian Clansky

Be a Budget Advocate: Speak Up for Our Region

By Tamara Copeland, President

Fairfax County

Montgomery County

Prince George’s County

District of Columbia

For months now, local elected officials have struggled with how to maintain services – ranging from housing for low-income people to keeping libraries open and keeping our communities safe – while grappling with insufficient funding. Some of their decisions we have applauded. Others have brought frowns and deep concern as we fail to understand their thinking.

In some jurisdictions, the decisions have been made, but for a few major jurisdictions in our region, the next week is critical. It is time to let your elected officials know what you think as one of their constituents and it is time for you as a knowledgeable philanthropic leader to offer advice to local politicians as they struggle with some right versus right decisions.

Earlier this week, WRAG held a budget briefing with local experts from Fairfax County, Montgomery County, Prince George’s County and the District of Columbia. In the videos to the right, each leader speaks to the most important jurisdictional budget concerns for his/her community and offers suggestions for how our region’s philanthropic leaders can advocate for sound budget decisions.

Additionally, the Think Twice Before You Slice Campaign offers more advice on how to communicate the importance of careful decision making on the budgets. Read them here.

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