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July 13, 2011 / Christian Clansky

Boomers aging, but not old…Major changes on D.C. Council…Region ranks high for green jobs [News, 7.13.11]

AGING | A new poll finds that baby boomers don’t think they are old yet. Incidentally, the article helpfully clarifies my vague understanding of what, exactly, constitutes the baby boomer generation: “The 77 million boomers are celebrating their 47th through 65th birthdays this year.” (WTOP, 7/13)

Sixty-five! Indiana Jones turns 69 today, and he is most certainly not old. So I agree with the boomers.

POLITICS | D.C. Council Chairman Kwame Brown made some major changes to committee posts, most notably taking away Tommy Wells’ chairmanship of the transportation committee. “‘I don’t know why. I’m baffled,’ Wells repeatedly told reporters.” (WAMU, 7/13)

There is speculation about the motivation for Brown’s changes, but the Post‘s editorial board issued a very strongly worded response that includes the word “gutless” and laments “petty politics.” (WaPo, 7/13)

ENVIRONMENT | The Greater Washington region ranks fourth on a list of top 100 metro areas for green jobs, according to a new report from the Brookings Institution. (WBJ, 7/13)

HOUSING | DC Running Out of Emergency Rental Assistance (Bread for the City, 7/12) The Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) “provides emergency assistance for low-income residents of the District who are elderly, have minor children, or are disabled.”

NONPROFITS | Here’s the first in a series of in-depth briefings on the Meyer Foundation’s Daring to Lead report.

FACTOID | It’s Philanthropy Factoid Wednesday! (WG Daily, 7/13)

Flying cars have been approved by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration! And somewhere Robert Zemeckis is grinning as his science fiction becomes reality.

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