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July 20, 2011 / Christian Clansky

A story of homelessness…Debt mess could hurt states’ credit ratings…Mardell Moffett named Associate Director at Cafritz Foundation [News, 7.20.11]

HOMELESSNESS | Here’s a touching and insightful story about a local man whose suddenly changing conditions – including a previously undiagnosed mental illness – knocked him from a six-figure salary to homelessness. He recounts the extreme challenges of being homeless in D.C.  and how his ascent back to stability sparked a desire to help others. (WTOP, 7/20)

YOUTH | Montgomery County schools didn’t hit their target for school lunch satisfaction, and advocates are calling for healthier options. (Examiner, 7/20) One dietitian finds it “disturbing” that schools offer pizza and burgers every day, but I think she meant “delicious.” Lapsus lingua.

BUDGETS | Md., Va. face downgrade if U.S. debt limit not raised (Examiner, 7/20) “Moody’s Investors Service announced Tuesday it may downgrade the bond ratings” of Maryland and Virginia.

Related Opinion: Nonprofits Must Persuade Americans to Push a Bipartisan Budget Deal (Chronicle, 7/20)

Related: For those of us thoroughly confused by debt limits, deficit reductions, defaults, et cetera, here’s a cheat sheet. (CNN) Wait, the Gang of Six isn’t a prequel to the Magnificent Seven?

ENVIRONMENT | Montgomery County Repeals Carbon Tax (WAMU, 7/20)

HEALTH | Birth control coverage proposed for most health insurance plans (WaPo, 7/20)

GOVERNMENT | Sonal Shah, who currently heads the White House’s Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation, is stepping down next month. (Chronicle, 7/20)

COMMUNITY | Congratulations to Mardell Moffett who has been promoted to Associate Director at the Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation! Mardell, who I’ve never seen without a smile on her face, serves on the Washington AIDS Partnership’s Executive Committee and is a member of WRAG’s Health Working Group.

FACTOID | Philanthropy Factoid Wednesday – Good board members make a difference! (WG Daily, 7/20)

In case you’ve never seen it, Alan Taylor’s In Focus is one of The Atlantic’s coolest features. He showcases high resolution photos of everything under the sun. I’m fascinated by the 20-part retrospective of WWII. Parts 1-5 have been posted thus far.

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