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October 25, 2011 / Christian Clansky

Hitachi Foundation celebrates young entrepreneurs…Educating senior citizens on HIV/AIDS…Survey finds nonprofit employees largely dissatisfied [News, 10.25.11]

GIVING | For the Council on Foundation’s blog, The Hitachi Foundation’s Barbara Dyer talks about the foundation’s Yoshiyama Young Entrepreneurs Program and how the entrepreneurial spirit is essential for tackling our country’s problems. (RE:Philanthropy, 10/24)

ARTS | The National Center for Responsive Philanthropy recently found that arts funding disproportionately supports whiter and wealthier audiences. Responding to the report, the Kennedy Center’s Michael Kaiser warns that increasing foundation support to diverse arts organizations is not the right reaction (HuffPo, 10/25):

[A]s a proportion of their funding, arts organizations receive too much from foundations. These important institutions are overly reliant on foundation and government support. Their bigger weakness is in raising funds from individual donors.

AGING/HIV-AIDS | District Councilmember David Catania, who chairs the Committee on Health, writes about proposed legislation aimed at the city’s senior citizens. According to data, the national percentage of new HIV cases in adults over 50 has been increasing significantly – partly due to the fact that “only about a third of older men and just a fifth of older women surveyed had discussed sex with a doctor since the age of 50.” (HuffPo, 10/25)

JUVENILE JUSTICE | An escapee from the District’s Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services has been accused of murder – the latest in a series of fatal incidents involving wards of the agency. (Examiner, 10/25)

NONPROFITS | New reports based on surveys of 3,500 nonprofit employees in the Greater Washington region and metropolitan New York show that a whopping 70 percent find their jobs to be “disappointing or only somewhat fulfilling.” The reasons include bad pay, lack of appreciation for hard work, poor management from employers, and disillusionment with organizational mission. (Chronicle, 10/25)

HOUSING | Obama Touts Plan to ‘Help Responsible Homeowners Refinance’ (WSJ, 10/25) “Mr. Obama also called for lawmakers to pass “Project Rebuild,” a $15 billion fund to get construction workers to rehab vacant and foreclosed homes and businesses.”

SPOOKTACULAR | WTOP’s staffers pick their favorite scary movies. I agree with the morning anchors – it doesn’t get scarier than The Exorcist. (WTOP, 10/25) What movie scares you the most? Comment below!

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