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December 2, 2011 / Rebekah Seder, Editor

Unemployment rate hits a two year low [News, 12.2.11]

WORKFORCE | The good news: the new jobs numbers show that the national unemployment rate has dropped to 8.6 percent, the lowest it has been in over two years. The bad news: this is to some degree attributable to the hundreds of thousands of people who have given up looking for jobs. (WaPo, 12/2)

– Yesterday President Obama pledged to provide additional AIDS-related funding, including $35 million to states to buy HIV/AIDS medication for low-income people, and another $15 million to clinics. (WaPo, 12/1)

– ‘We’re Going to Be in Trouble’: AIDS Groups Plan for Funding Cuts (Atlantic, 12/1)

– The number of new cases of HIV have declined in the District, based on 2009 data. (Examiner, 12/1)

NONPROFITS | With ‘Super Committee’ Failure, Charities Brace for Budget Fights (Chronicle, 12/1)

Related: WRAG members can register for an upcoming national webinar on how the potential massive cuts to the federal budget will impact the poor. More information is available here.

EDUCATION | Arlington looks to build more schools (Examiner, 12/1)

ARTS | The D.C. Office of Human Rights recently issued a recommendation that area theaters that offer special discounts for “young professionals” expand those discounts to include a broader range of ages. (WBJ, 11/15)

Can you tell where in the world these Google Earth images are from? I couldn’t.


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