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December 5, 2011 / Christian Clansky

Prince George’s ranks among worst in Maryland for health outcomes…Young parent homelessness on the rise…District’s unemployment disparity examined [News, 12.5.11]

HEALTH | A new report from Maryland Nonprofits, based on data from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, finds that Prince George’s County ranks among the worst in Maryland for health outcomes for residents.

Prince George’s County is one of the lowest ranked counties in Maryland for health outcomes, ranking 17th out of 24 counties. One of the driving factors behind this lower ranking is a high rate of premature death, as measured by Years of Potential Life Lost (YPLL) before age 75 per 100,000 residents. With 8,374 YPLL, Prince George’s County falls behind the national benchmark of 5,564 as well as the state average of 7,537.

The country also ranks poorly for measures of low birth weight, obesity, sexually transmitted infections, and insurance rate. The report was sponsored by the Community Foundation for Prince George’s County, the Consumer Health Foundation, and Kaiser Permanente.

HOMELESSNESS | The D.C. Alliance of Youth Advocates finds that the number of homeless parents younger than age 24 is rising. In addition to contributing factors like poor education and high unemployment rates, about eighty percent of the surveyed homeless say that they were forced to leave their own parents’ homes for economic reasons – “because of eviction or because their homes had become too crowded with multiple families in one house.” (WaPo, 12/5)

WORKFORCE | Division of Labor: Examining D.C.’s Unemployment Disparity (WAMU, 12/5) “D.C. has more jobs than residents. Yet, large sections of the city… are facing Depression-era unemployment rates.”

GIVING | Forbes interviews Tom Tierney, co-author of Give Smart: Philanthropy That Gets Results, about strengthening donor-grantee relationships. (Forbes, 12/4)

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POLITICIANS | As former Prince George’s County Executive Jack Johnson awaits sentencing for being completely corrupt, the FBI has raided D.C. Council member Harry Thomas’ home as it investigates allegations that he funneled city money to himself. (WaPo, 12/5)

LOCAL LEGEND | For at least the last ten years (and probably more), a local man has spread holiday cheer by singing Christmas carols on the Metro. He’s been spotted again this year!

Here’s some  humor to start your week. Two comedians write each other an absurd shopping list. The challenge – ask a store employee for help finding items, and see how many you can get through before the employee walks away.

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