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December 13, 2011 / Christian Clansky

New study from Bank of America finds that women are primary philanthropic decision makers in wealthy households [News, 12.13.11]

GIVING | A new study released yesterday by Bank of America on high net worth individuals finds that women are the primary decision makers when it comes to philanthropy. Highlights from the report include (MarketWatch, 12/12):

– Women spend more time than men on due diligence before making decisions about giving to a charitable organization.

– Women expect a deeper level of communication with the organizations they support and place greater importance than men on the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization and hearing about the impact of their gift.

– Women want to be actively involved with an organization and its mission, with volunteering being among the most important motivations for women to give.

– Women are more likely than men to stop giving to an organization they had previously supported whereas men tend to support the same causes year after year.

Related: Why Wealthy Women Give: to Influence the Young (Chronicle, 12/13)

WORKFORCE | In September, District Mayor Vincent Gray announced a program that would match 10,000 unemployed D.C. residents with private-sector jobs. A thousand residents have been matched so far, and private businesses have lined up to participate. But now the city is having trouble finding more unemployed candidates for the program, so it is planning to try new tactics to identify them – including using Twitter, Facebook, and text messaging. (WaPo, 12/13)

So despite the fact that parts of the city are experiencing “depression level” unemployment, the government can’t find them? Well, here’s a map of where the unemployed people are -just roll your mouse over each ward!

HOUSING | Low-Income Housing Advocates Upset Over Cuts (WAMU, 12/12) “[T]he District cut $18 million from its Housing Production Trust Fund, which many low-income families depend on for their housing.”

REGION UNITED | Richard Hall, Maryland’s Secretary of Planning, writes about how the state’s PlanMaryland effort – a comprehensive sustainable growth and development plan – aligns well with the Region Forward plan. (RF Blog, 12/12)

Washington Gas to clean Anacostia riverbank under new agreement (WaPo, 12/13)

D.C. mayor planning environmental initiative (WaPo, 12/13) “[A]n environmental initiative [Vincent Gray] thinks will one day make the city a national model for clean energy, urban farming, green space and car-free transportation options.”

EDUCATION | DCPS is cracking down on enrollment fraud, and some cases are being taken by federal prosecutors. (WaPo, 12/13) I hate situations where kids get stuck paying for their parents’ mistakes, but parents also shouldn’t have to feel like their local public school options aren’t good enough for their kids.

Scientists claim that they are getting closer to being able to directly inject knowledge (in layman’s terms) into a human brain. What would our world look like if that comes to pass? Exciting and scary to think about!

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