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January 18, 2012 / Christian Clansky

New survey from PNC finds that millionaires agree with Buffett on increased charity, higher taxes [News, 1.18.11]

PHILANTHROPY/EQUITY | Warren Buffett sparked a big conversation recently when he wrote an editorial saying that America’s wealthiest citizens should pay higher taxes. PNC Wealth Management released a survey today that measures the feelings of millionaires on the subject – and 71% agree with Buffett.

The survey also asks about respondents’ opinions on philanthropy (WaPo, 1/18):

Almost 70 percent said they plan to increase charitable giving or give the same amount, and about 22 percent have cut back or plan to donate less. About 27 percent of respondents, who were surveyed in September and October, said they gave more than $25,000 to charity in 2010, up from 9 percent who reported donations of that size three years ago.

WORKFORCE | The first part of a new WAMU investigative series finds that the District’s job training program has a history of “double-billing, poor oversight, and allegations of fraud” that the city’s Director of the Department of Employment Services, Lisa Mallory, is working hard to fix. (WAMU, 1/18)

NONPROFITS | You need a subscription to read this full article, but its headline says enough: Overwhelming majority of nonprofit employees wish to escape their current jobs. (Chronicle, 1/15 – subscription)

Leggett plans cut in school construction funding (Examiner, 1/18) “[M]odernizations have been very expensive — making it challenging to meet other critical schools capital needs,” Leggett says.

O’Malley Wants Maryland’s Counties To Help With Teacher Pensions (WAMU, 1/18)

Mental health groups fear Md. will slash funding  (WTOP, 1/18)

Charities Ask Supreme Court to Uphold Health-Care Law (Chronicle, 1/18) and D.C. Joins Brief Supporting Healthcare Reform (DCist, 1/18)

LIBERTIES | You might have noticed that a huge number of websites (more than 7000) have gone dark today to protest the two Internet-related bills sitting in the House and the Senate. I highly encourage you to read more about the potential consequences of these bills and voice your concerns if you are so compelled. And here’s information about how the bills would affect nonprofits. (HuffPo, 1/19)

This sort of legislation is unprecedented in the history of the Internet in our country and, if passed, would prevent me from finding and sharing content like this with you.

Unrelated to the heart of its content – which is very troubling – the article above about budget cuts for mental health programs starts with the phrase, “It’s budget-slashing time.” I can’t but think that it sounds like a great one-liner for an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie.

– Christian

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