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February 10, 2012 / Rebekah Seder, Editor

Greater Washington region will get $1.5 billion from mortgage settlement…Studies show growing education gap between rich and poor children [News, 2.10.12]

HOUSING | The Greater Washington region will receive $1.5 billion from the mortgage settlement between five major banks and state officials yesterday. Maryland will receive $960 million, the sixth highest amount in the country. Virginia will receive $480 million, and D.C. will receive about $45 million. (Examiner, 2/10)

REGIONALISM | WAMU has an interview with David Robertson, executive director of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, about how our region must position itself for economic growth in ways that reduce its reliance on the federal government. (WAMU, 2/9)

Several new studies are showing that the educational achievement gap between rich and poor children is growing, a reality that experts think will be exacerbated by the recession. (NY Times, 2/9)

New D.C. Ad Campaign Encourages School Attendance (WAMU, 2/10)

– The D.C. Office of the State Superintendent of Education has reduced the number of classrooms it will have investigated for possible cheating on standardized exams, from 128 to 35. (WaPo, 2/9)

BUDGETS | Arlington is considering a small tax increase to fund a new homeless shelter and allow libraries to stay open later.  (Examiner, 2/9)

ENVIRONMENT | The Maryland general assembly failed to move forward with the five cent bag fee in Prince George’s County. (WaPo, 2/8)

PHILANTHROPY | Presented without comment. (WAMU, 2/10)

You might want to skip this if you’re eating lunch right now. Next time I hear an older person go on about “kids today….,” I will just point them to this


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