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February 14, 2012 / Christian Clansky

A look at President Obama’s budget by issue area [News, 2.14.12]

BUDGET | President Obama released his 2013 budget yesterday. Here are some highlights by issue area:

Philanthropy: For the fifth time in his presidency, the president calls for limits to charitable deductions. (Chronicle, 2/14)

Arts: Funding for the National Endowment for the Arts would increase. (Arts USA, 2/14)

Education: Budget would increase. Funding for Race to the Top and a similar new program for higher education would be boosted. (WaPo, 2/14)

Health: “[M]odest, familiar sets of cuts in Medicare benefits, as well as Medicaid.” (Hill, 2/13)

Housing: Aid would remain flat overall, but homeless assistance grants and Choice Neighborhoods funding would increase. (Chronicle, 2/14)

Local: The budget would hurt our region’s economy. (WaPo, 2/14)

Poverty: The Community Services Block Grant would be cut by 50 percent. (WaPo, 2/14)

Promise Neighborhoods: This initiative sees a 65 percent increase at $100 million, up from $60 million the previous year. (Chronicle, 2/14)

Transit: Metro’s budget would get cut by $15 million. Ugh. (WaPo, 2/14)

EDUCATION | Enrollment in the District’s charter schools rose 8 percent this school year. Charter schools now educate 41 percent of the city’s youth. At the same time, DCPS enrollment is declining – though combined enrollment is up 2 percent. (Examiner, 2/14)

Related: President’s Budget Proposal Fails to Fund D.C. Voucher Program (PR Newswire, 2/13)

ARTS | Art losing its toehold in downtown Washington (WaPo, 2/14)

PHILANTHROPY | One of WRAG’s Philanthropy Fellows, Ryan Steinbach, talks to the Baltimore Sun about how his fellowship with the Calvert Foundation is broadening his horizons. He says, “I think that it’s really opened my eyes to this entirely different community.” (Sun, 2/12)

Related: More info on WRAG’s Philanthropy Fellows program – a pipeline and professional development program linking graduate and undergraduate students with local funders, in partnership with the University of Maryland.

Ok, it’s Valentine’s Day. I know how sappy this is, but here’s a fun compilation of “I love you” scenes from Hollywood’s greatest movies. There’s also, inexplicably, a quick clip from one of the worst movies ever made – Twilight.  Face-palm. If the sentimentalism makes you cringe, you can at least see how many of the clips you can identify.

And if you really don’t like Valentine’s Day, you can get your history on with the Chicago Tribune’s original story about Al Capone’s St. Valentine’s Day Massacre from February 14, 1929.

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