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February 24, 2012 / Rebekah Seder, Editor

Jean Case on the value of pro bono service to nonprofits [In the News, 2.24.12]

PHILANTHROPY | Jean Case of the Case Foundation writes in the Post about how pro bono work can be even more valuable to nonprofits than corporate donations (WaPo, 2/23):

Every day, we’re seeing that more often than not, the most valuable asset a company can provide is their people, and those skills can have a much broader and more impactful reach through volunteering employees’ time to nonprofits in need of extra support. Simultaneously, companies can use these collaborations to create leaders and teams through professional development, to recruit new talent, and to design innovative products and services.

Related: WRAG’s Corporate Philanthropy Affinity Group will be visiting the National Veteran’s Transition Center in D.C. on March 7. [More information]

District seeks return of chartering authority (WaPo, 2/23)

– Arlington schools to increase class sizes (Examiner, 2/24)

TRANSIT | It appears that the District Department of Transportation might not actually have enough streetcars by the planned opening date for the new line on H St NE. (WAMU, 2/24)

ARTS/HISTORY | Here’s a cool slideshow of murals around D.C. that celebrate black history. Like a lot of these murals around the city, some of them will soon disappear as buildings are redeveloped. (DCentric, 2/21)

Related: The Story Behind U Street’s “Black Family Reunion” (WAMU, 1/27)

REPORT | A new report from the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy calls for environmental funders to focus their funding on grassroots efforts in communities that are impacted by climate change and environmental degradation.

With application deadlines looming for some major funders in the area, here’s just what any procrastinating grantwriter needs!


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