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February 27, 2012 / Christian Clansky

Number of District youth living in concentrated areas of poverty down…Women’s Foundation’s Nicky Goren interviewed…A shift toward elderly care at home [News, 2.27.12]

POVERTY/YOUTH | The number of youth living in neighborhoods with concentrated poverty has decreased over the last decade, but it is still a significant problem according to the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Kids Count report. (Examiner, 2/27)

Roughly 33,000 children in the District live in concentrated poverty, neighborhoods where at least 30 percent of their neighbors live below the poverty line…The number is an 11 percent drop from the 37,000 children counted in 2000, while the national percentage of children living in concentrated poverty has climbed by one-quarter.

COMMUNITY | Nicky Goren, president of the Washington Area Women’s Foundation, is featured on Comcast Newsmakers discussing the mission and work of the foundation and the impact it is having on economically vulnerable women and girls in the region.

AGING | A Shift From Nursing Homes to Managed Care at Home (NYTimes, 2/26) “Studies suggest that it can be less expensive than traditional nursing homes while providing better medical outcomes.”

EDUCATION | Editorial: D.C.’s charter schools deserve fairer funding (WaPo, 2/24)

VIRGINIA | Fairfax officials seek cross-state suburban coalition to address Virginia’s needs (WaPo, 2/24) “[A] familiar feeling of frustration has come over Fairfax County officials who think their region is getting shortchanged again.”

ANIMALS | Today must be a slow news day, because this is a leading headline on WAMU: Arlington Considers Relaxing Backyard Hen Restrictions. (WAMU, 2/26) It’s about time!

Well, I was wrong about my Oscar predictions – though I’m not surprised that The Artist picked up so many wins. Overall, the Oscars were pretty boring and predictable.

Of course, Sacha Baron Cohen – in character as The Dictator – had an amusing moment on the red carpet when he spilled the “ashes” of Kim Jong Il all over Ryan Seacrest.

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