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April 12, 2012 / Christian Clansky

For job growth, disconnect between research and implementation…Housing funds for Alexandria nearly cut in half…New fund for innovative ideas on test scores [News, 4.12.12]

WORKFORCE | A panel of regional economic development leaders recently met with the Council of Governments to discuss the region’s job growth. One key point is that there is a disconnect between good research being done and using that research to implement new ideas. (Examiner, 4/12)

HIV/AIDS | A neat blog called 40 Deeds 40 Days used the observation of Lent as a framework for “exploring charitable organizations, volunteer opportunities, and other meaningful acts of kindness.” It’s a great concept – and day 32 featured a profile of the Washington AIDS Partnership.

HOUSING | Three articles about affordable housing today:

– Though housing development in Arlington has jumped more than 200 percent in the last year, only 11 of the 728 new housing units are considered to be affordable housing. The county “remains flooded with requests from low-income individuals who can’t afford to live there.” (Examiner, 4/12)

– Federal budget cuts will dramatically reduce housing assistance in Alexandria. Between cuts to Community Development Block Grants and the Home Investment Partnerships Program, funds will decrease 46 percent. (WaPo, 4/12)

Montgomery bill would limit rent increases without explanation (Gazette, 4/12)

EDUCATION | DCPS has set aside $10 million for a program called “Proving What’s Possible,” which would award funds for principals to try innovative strategies for boosting test scores. (Examiner, 4/12)

SKYLINE | Vincent Gray, Darrell Issa, and Eleanor Holmes Norton have met about the possibility of Congress relaxing restrictions on the District’s building height regulations. (WaPo, 4/12) The proposed changes would be relatively minor, but I would hope that nothing would ever compete with the Washington Monument and Capitol to define the city’s skyline.

NONPROFITS | The Nonprofit Roundtable of Greater Washington is calling all future executive directors. The Roundtable’s Future Executive Directors Fellowship Program is aimed at preparing participants for executive leadership by building critical skills. The application deadline is April 30th. More information here.

SPORTS | It’s a great day for local sports. The Nationals are off to an awesome start, leading the NL East with a 4-2 record. Today is our home opener. And after sneaking into the playoffs, the Capitals open a can of the first series tonight against the Boston Bruins. C-A-P-S!

Rebekah has the Daily tomorrow, but I want to share a grave warning with all of you. New research from Journal of the American Chemical Society claims that “advanced versions of T. rex and other dinosaurs – monstrous creatures with the intelligence and cunning of humans – may be the life forms that evolved on other planets in the universe.”

Too bad (or maybe good thing) that Michael Crichton isn’t still around to hear about this. Hope you all have a nice weekend, free of intergalactic dinosaur warriors. See you on Monday…if I haven’t been eaten by an alien T. rex.

– Christian

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