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April 16, 2012 / Christian Clansky

DCPS graduate writes about not being prepared for college…Maryland immigrants receive skills training…150th anniversary of Emancipation Day [News, 4.16.12]

– Georgetown freshman Darryl Robinson attended some of the District’s better schools. But he shares a compelling and personal account about how his education left him ill-prepared for college (WaPo, 4/16):

Even though I attended some of the District’s better schools — including my high school, the Cesar Chavez Public Charter School for Public Policy, at the Parkside campus near Kenilworth — the gap between what I can do and what my college classmates are capable of is enormous. This goes beyond knowing calculus or world history, subjects that I didn’t learn in high school but that my peers here mastered long ago. My former teachers simply did not push me to think past a basic level, to apply concepts, to move beyond memorizing facts and figures.

– DCPS officials are considering revisions to the IMPACT evaluation system that would reduce the weight of standardized test scores from 50 percent to 35-40 percent. Scott Thompson, DCPS’s director of teacher effectiveness strategy, says that administrators are “aware the DC CAS doesn’t capture everything a D.C. teacher teaches over the course of the year.”

– Hundreds of workers from 18 Maryland counties completed specialized skills programs at Casa de Maryland over the weekend. Prince George’s County Executive Rushern Baker says, “The workforce, skills and training are going to help us attract businesses here…And help us attract those types of jobs for the future.” (WAMU, 4/16)

– Tavis Smiley and Cornel West take a look at the jobs that have been created in the last six months and point out that the majority of them are low-wage positions without health benefits or sick leave. (HuffPo, 4/16)

HOUSING | D.C. Mayor, Pollin Family Break Ground On Affordable Housing (WAMU, 4/16) “The vision for MetroTowns started with a bus ride. Pollin wanted to scout out a spot where he could build housing for D.C.’s low and middle-income workers.”

LOCAL | Today’s celebration of Emancipation Day marks the 150th anniversary of the freeing of slaves in the District of Columbia – which occurred nine months before President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation. The Post takes a look at how two local memorials, built 116 years apart, tell very different stories. (WaPo, 4/16)

SPACE | The Discovery space shuttle is hitching a ride to Dulles tomorrow (en route to the Smithsonian) on the back of a modified 747. Watch the skies between 10am and 11am for what is sure to be an amazing sight. (WaPo, 4/16)

SPORTS | The Capitals pulled out an epic win in double-overtime against the Boston Bruins on Saturday. Game three is tonight, and Venture Philanthropy Partners board member Jack Davies isn’t hiding his excitement. He has a gigantic, totally awesome, inflatable Caps player sitting on the roof of his house! (WaPo, 4/15)

For any fellow movie nerds, here’s an interesting look into Stanley Kubrick’s mind – working titles for Dr. Stangelove! I wonder if the film would have the same legacy had it been titled “Wonderful Bomb”? Or maybe the title would have been a self-fulfilling prophecy.

By the way, has there ever been anyone funnier than Peter Sellers? This is one of his greatest scenes (Dr. Strangelove rolls in at about 2:00 minutes).

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