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April 20, 2012 / Rebekah Seder, Editor

Anthony Williams to lead Federal City Council [News, 4.20.12]

LOCAL | Former D.C. mayor Anthony Williams has been named the new CEO of the Federal City Council. In a statement, Michael Herreld, PNC Bank regional president and trustee of the organization, said, “Not only is he uniquely qualified, but his long track record of accomplishments in the District of Columbia makes him the perfect candidate for the job.” (WaPo, 4/20)

INEQUALITY | On the Washington Area Women’s Foundation blog, Nicky Goren writes about the impact of the gender wage gap on women and their families (WAWF, 4/16):

When you look at the budget of a low-income, single woman with children, one of the first things you’ll notice is that pretty much every dollar is reserved for the most basic necessities. In Washington, DC, half of her income might go toward childcare, another third could be reserved for rent, and the rest will barely cover bills, food, transportation and the needs of her children. When women aren’t paid for the full worth of their work, the effect is often felt by children, extended family, and entire communities… This is especially true for low-income women and their families.

AGING | One thing that has come up numerous times at WRAG’s Working Group on Aging meetings is just how to talk about older adults (or the elderly, or seniors, or elders, or senior citizens…). There’s definitely no consensus. (NY Times, 4/19)

HEALTH | Life Expectancy Varies Widely in the Washington Area (WaPo, 4/19)

EDUCATION | Supervisor Calls For More Transparency in Fairfax Schools (WAMU, 4/20)

FOOD | Good news for those of you who like to eat crabs (gross). (WAMU, 4/20)

PHILANTHROPY | 12 more billionaires sign on to Buffett/Gates pledge (CNN, 4/19)

Being somewhat claustrophobic, I really hope that these houses don’t catch on, even if they are affordable and environmentally friendly.


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