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April 23, 2012 / Christian Clansky

Human Services Committee debates District youth funding [News, 4.23.12]

YOUTH | Today, the DC Council’s Human Services Committee is holding a hearing on funding for out-of-school time and youth development programs in the District. The decisions are likely to have a direct impact on the budget for youth programs and how that budget is managed.

In advance of the hearing, the Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers’ President Tamara Copeland wrote a letter on behalf of the funding community to Councilmember Jim Graham advocating strongly for the continued support of youth services and programs. She says:

We in the funding community know that if this funding is cut, it will be impossible for the philanthropic community to make up for the loss, and we know how vitally important these programs are in providing high-quality academic and enrichment opportunities for the youth of the District.

Read: Full letter to Councilmember Graham

Follow: Susie Cambria is tweeting live coverage of the hearing.

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– The President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities, in partnership with the Department of Education, has launched a new pilot program aimed at using the arts and humanities to help transform eight of the nation’s worst-performing schools. Savoy Middle School in Anacostia is one of the selected schools.

Officials involved in the project want to prove a theory: Robust art, music, dance and theater can set failing schools on a path to academic success.

Booz Allen Hamilton is donating its services to measure the impact of the program. (WaPo, 4/23) I hope this works and every other school in the country focuses on the arts.

– Maryland’s Comptroller is pushing for the state’s counties to start the school year after Labor Day. He says that the extra few days reclaimed from August will allow families to have more time together and will boost tourism dollars by as much as $4 million. (WAMU, 4/20)

District charter schools set to expand (Examiner, 3/23)

BUDGETS | More housing money in new Arlington County budget (WBJ, 4/23)

AFFORDABLE HOUSING | As the District struggles with rent prices – which disproportionately affect people of color – solutions are tough to find. Both rent control and home ownership present problems. (WAMU, 4/21)

One of my friends was lucky enough to score tickets to the Celebrity Jeopardy filming at Constitution Hall over the weekend. She shared some highlights, including this hilarious (though completely incorrect) guess from MSNBC’s Chris Matthews. When prompted by the clue, “Initially discovered in 1930, this was downgraded to a dwarf in 2006,” Matthews buzzed in, “What is a midget?”

This answer, of course, is Pluto. That poor celestial body can’t get any respect! It will always be a planet in my book.

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