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April 30, 2012 / Christian Clansky

Wilton Corkern on the importance of eliminating food deserts…Booz Allen Hamilton named best employer for veterans…Silver Line in danger of death by politics [News, 4.30.12]

FOOD | Following last week’s series of articles on new data suggesting that the concept of a food desert might be outdated, the Corina Higginson Trust’s Wilton Corkern responds (WG Daily, 4/29):

[T]here is a danger in reading too much into this new data. The fact is, thoughtful people in the food policy discussion never said proximity to a store means poor people can or will eat healthy diets.

Related: D.C. farms could rise above I-395 (WaPo, 4/25) Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…an urban farm!

TRANSIT | After ten years of planning, Metro’s Silver Line expansion to Dulles is in danger of falling apart thanks to political squabbling from various jurisdictions. The head of a local group of business leaders that supports the expansion says (WaPo, 4/29):

This project will die if the stakeholders cannot get together and resolve their differences.

Therein lies a major problem. Politicians who are fighting over funding and labor contracts need to remember that they aren’t the stakeholders – the region’s residents (and businesses) are. The line would be paid for with tax dollars and it would serve residents and visitors. The debate needs to focus on the good of the region, not political opportunities for self-concerned politicians.

COMMUNITY | Congratulations to Booz Allen Hamilton for being named the top employer for veterans! Betty Thompson, the company’s senior vice president and chief of personnel, says (Forbes, 4/24):

We have maintained a deep and long commitment to the nation’s military community…U.S. veterans and wounded warriors made personal sacrifices to serve our country, and it is in that same spirit of service that Booz Allen has pledged its commitment to these heroic men and women.

RACE | Local philanthropist Sheila Johnson reflects on an outburst of racist tweets aimed at the Capitals’ Joel Ward after his brilliant overtime goal ended the season of the defending champion Boston Bruins last week (HuffPo, 4/28) “It’s 2012, people! Have we learned nothing? Even one racially offensive Tweet is too many. There is no place for this in hockey, or anywhere.”

Related: This fall, Johnson will be a featured guest at WRAG’s Philanthropist to Philanthropist event for family foundations.

ENVIRONMENT | Audio: A focus on renewable energy would add tens of thousands of jobs in Virginia, according to a study from George Mason University. (WAMU, 4/29)

ARTS | The Kennedy Center hosts a very special performance tonight. Women of the N Street Village homeless shelter will take the stage to share personal stories, songs, and vignettes about their struggles. (WaPo, 4/29)

YOUTH | Graham Gets Subpoena Power in CYITC Probe, Mayor Displeased (City Paper, 4/28)

EDUCATION | Story alleges cheating at Silver Spring’s Highland Elementary School; Montgomery officials say gains came from hard work, proven strategies (WaPo, 4/29)

LOCAL | Here are two interesting opinions published in the Post over the weekend:

How the poor pay the price for D.C.’s height limits (WaPo, 4/28) “For a city with so much poverty and a dearth of affordable housing, any policy change with the potential to reduce the cost of housing should get careful consideration.”

A second act for the walkable neighborhood (WaPo, 4/28) This one is from Greater Greater Washington’s editor, Dave Alpert.

Have you read the Post’s profile of the legendary Alex Trebek? It’s pretty darn interesting, and it will leave you prepared to answer the clue, “Trebek used to have two dogs, but one was attacked and dragged off by this wild animal.”

Answer, “What is a California coyote?”

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