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May 2, 2012 / Christian Clansky

How can we stabilize arts funding?…Hospitals face rate freeze…Prince George’s teacher is a five-decade point of consistency [News, 5.2.12]

ARTS | The New York Times asks, “How can public and private organizations work together to stabilize arts funding?” To answer the question, the Times invited eight experts across different sectors to engage in a virtual debate. Among the experts are Americans for the Arts’ Bob Lynch, the Cato Institute’s David Boaz, and the Chronicle of Philanthropy’s Stacy Palmer. The conversation is a must read. (NYTimes, 5/2)

GIVING | We’re in the midst of Spring2ACTion – 24 hours of online giving for Alexandria’s nonprofits. The event is being lead by ACT for Alexandria and Razoo, and is a more localized version of the hugely successful Give to the Max Day.

You can join the action here – and there is an added incentive to do it sooner rather than later. Throughout the day, randomly selected donors will have $100 added to their gift!

NONPROFITS | The Truth About Endowments (Chronicle, 5/1) They begin with the letter E. Also, this article debunks four myths about nonprofit endowments.

HOMELESSNESS |  Opinion: Restoring funds for homeless services makes fiscal sense (GGW, 5/2):

DC needs a plan to move families out of the shelter and motels and into stable living arrangements. This will free up space to meet emergency need throughout the year and prevent our reliance on expensive motel rooms that do not meet the needs of families.

Hospitals could face rate freeze in Maryland (WaPo, 5/2) “For the past two years, the commissioners have increased hospital rates by less than the inflation rate hospitals faced.”

– WRAG’s Katy Moore shared this interesting report from nonprofit consulting firm FSG and Grantmakers in Health that looks at “the untapped potential for community-based funders to transform the cost and quality of healthcare in the United States.”

LOCAL | I will let this headline speak for itself: Zombies meet endangered species in Arlington (WaPo, 5/2) Braaaaaiiinnss.

– Yesterday, Montgomery Council officials “lamented a growing disparity” between school employees and other members of the government workforce. Salaries for most of the county’s employees are likely to increase by a flat $2,000, but school employees are slated to receive a 3.2 percent raise. (Examiner, 5/2)

– The Post profiles Josita Allen, a Prince George’s County teacher who was hired by the school system in 1972. As a veteran in her fifth decade, Allen has been a point of consistency in a system with a high turnover rate among teachers. (WaPo, 5/2)

FUN | Cities in Va., Md. recognized among nation’s most ‘playful’ (WaPo, 5/2) If only they would build a huge playground for adults and put it across the street from our office building.

EVENT | On May 9th, the Commonwealth Institute of Virginia will host a special event titled “Under the Hood of the 2012 General Assembly Session.” Policy experts will brief nonprofits, advocates, and community leaders on the implications of the state’s budget and other significant legislation for Northern Virginia – particularly around workforce and safety net issues. Register here.

Related: The Commonwealth Institute’s expansion into Northern Virginia is a result of collaboration between local funders. WRAG documented the expansion in a video.

For your daily dose of crazy (and even crazier if it’s true), read about Andrew Basiago. He’s an attorney who claims to have been part of a secret government program involving time travel. What is somewhat unsettling is how coherent his explanations are. Then again, we can’t even put a man in space at this point. I have no idea why the Huffington Post wrote a feature news article on this guy, but I’m intrigued.

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