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May 7, 2012 / Christian Clansky

Affordable housing is ‘vanishing’ in District…Trust elects Robert Bobb as board chair…Fairfax measures the worth of top volunteers to be $4.5 million [News, 5.7.12]

HOUSING | A new report from the D.C. Fiscal Policy Institute finds that the District’s affordable housing is “vanishing.” Highlights include:

  • Rents and home values have risen sharply since 2000.
  • DC has lost more than half of its low-cost rental units and 72 percent of its low-value homes.
  • Household incomes have not kept pace with the rise in housing costs.
  • A growing share of DC households pays more than half of their income towards their housing costs.

Read the full report here. (DCFPI, 5/7)

Related: Prince George’s Co.’s housing market is red hot (WTOP, 5/7) Why doesn’t anyone ever say “blue hot”? Blue flames can be much hotter than red ones.

– In an op-ed for the Post, DCAYA’s Maggie Riden writes that cutting funding for the D.C. Children and Youth Investment Trust Corporation would leave thousands of students in need. Instead, she proposes ways to strengthen the organization (WaPo, 5/4):

First and foremost, voting board members should not be politically appointed, as they are currently by the mayor and Council, an arrangement that practically invites corruption.

The trust should also develop a community council or board made up of advocates, program providers, youths and parents to ensure that the community’s needs are being heard and met. Finally, the trust should be required to publicly report its data on outcomes and impact on a regular basis.

Related: Ex-D.C. Council member Harry Thomas Jr. gets 3-year sentence (WaPo, 5/3)

Related: Trust Chairwoman: More Than $200,000 in HTJ-Linked Grant Unaccounted For (City Paper, 4/3)

– After recently being appointed to the board of the Trust, former District school board head Robert Bobb was elected as its chairman last week. As chairman, he will lead a search for a permanent president and CEO of the organization – a position held in the interim by former Superior Court judge Mary Terrell.

EDUCATION | Gap between best and worst D.C. schools growing (Examiner, 5/7)

RACE | Economic Picture Improves For Blacks In Virginia, Report Finds (WAMU, 5/7) “Despite a history of discrimination against African Americans in the state, [data show] more of them were getting college degrees – but economic disparities persist.”

GIVING | David Koch has donated $35 million to the National Museum of Natural History to renovate its dinosaur hall. (WaPo, 5/4) Hopefully they won’t hire Dr. John Hammond to oversee the project.

VOLUNTEERS | Fairfax County recently honored 118 volunteers who put in the equivalent of eight hours a day, five days a week, for one year – which was calculated to be worth $4.5 million. (Connection, 5/4)

ENVIRONMENT | Our friends at the Nonprofit Roundtable shared this update on their Nonprofit Energy Alliance initiative:

The participants of Nonprofit Energy Alliance V – led by the Arts & Humanities Council of Montgomery County, Nonprofit Montgomery and the Nonprofit Roundtable of Greater Washington – used their collective purchasing power to not only secure electricity at a lower cost, but to protect the environment and build a greener economy by supporting clean sources of energy. The aggregated total savings is approximately $141,000 over an average one year period. The aggregated total Wind Power purchased is equivalent to offsetting 17,894,392 pounds of Carbon Dioxide or to taking 1,592 passenger vehicles off the road for an entire year. For more information, visit

Hope you all enjoyed the weekend. Did anyone see The Avengers? I give it a well-deserved five stars. It earned a blue hot $207 million in its opening weekend, shattering the previous record set by Harry Potter ($169m) and proving that superheroes are way cooler than wizards!

On a somewhat unrelated note (although superheroes could certainly help here), did you know that we lost a nuclear bomb off the coast of Georgia in 1958…and never found it? Yikes.

WRAG has a special event tomorrow, so we won’t have a Daily. See you on Wednesday.


  1. kldavis / May 7 2012 2:25 pm

    >”Why doesn’t anyone ever say “blue hot”? Blue flames can be much hotter than red ones.”

    Perhaps because glaciers are blue? (You don’t realize it until you see one up close.) And because colorists consider blue to be a “cool” color?

    • christian clansky / May 7 2012 5:27 pm

      Good points!

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