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May 16, 2012 / Christian Clansky

D.C. Council boosts human services and arts funding…MoCo schools push for inclusive lesson plans…McDuffie wins Ward 5 election [News, 5.16.12]

– The D.C. Council made significant changes to Mayor Gray’s proposed budget, including restoring millions of dollars in human services funding and increasing funding for the arts. (WaPo, City Paper, 5/16)

Related: What You Need to Know About the Budget the D.C. Council Passed Yesterday (DCist, 5/16)

Md. faces budget gaps for next four years (Examiner, 5/16)

EDUCATION | In the past, teachers tracked students’ abilities and separated them into different classrooms to learn at corresponding levels. Recently, Montgomery County shifted its policy to be more inclusive of all students. The Post looks at how the county’s teachers are working to prepare lesson plans for classrooms filled with students of varying abilities. (WaPo, 5/16)

Glad I’m not a student there. I’d be devastated to be pulled out of Advanced Recess and put with kids of lesser abilities in the leisure department.

POLITICS | Democrat Kenyan McDuffie won yesterday’s Ward 5 special election to fill the empty council seat left by Harry Thomas. McDuffie, who has worked as an attorney for the Justice Department, said (WaPo, 5/16):

It’s a mandate — people want ethical, honest leadership…They want someone who is going to represent everyone in the ward.

BUSINESS | Interesting fact: More than half of the region’s companies featured on the Fortune 500 list are located in Fairfax County. (WBJ, 5/16)

LOCAL | Yesterday, I mentioned how much I hate snakehead fish. Today, WTOP decided to taunt me with an article about an 18-pound snakehead that was pulled out of the Potomac. (WTOP, 5/16) Somebody call Quint!

Kind of a slow news day…which gives us extra time to strategize about defending against the impending snakehead fish invasion. I’m making a run on harpoons later.

Also, have you ever seen the music video for Paul Simon’s You Can Call Me Al? It is basically a hilarious competition for attention between Paul Simon and Chevy Chase. A true classic.

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  1. kldavis / May 16 2012 12:26 pm

    You can call me Al: Wonderful recommendation! It made me feel like it was the weekend. (And, I know Chevy Chase is tall, but — yikes! — Paul is tiny.)

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