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May 17, 2012 / Christian Clansky

Newborns now majority minority…D.C. hiring programs puts 3,000 to work…Chuck Brown passes away [News, 5.17.12]

DEMOGRAPHICS | According to newly released census data, more than half of children younger than one year-old are members of minority groups. Here’s what the breakdown looks like in our region. (WaPo, 5/17)

Related: A few weeks ago, demographer Dr. Jim Johnson talked about shifting demographics and their implications at WRAG’s Brightest Minds event. Here’s a recap. (WG Daily, 3/21)

WORKFORCE | Mayor Gray announced that the One City One Hire program, launched last September, has connected 3,000 residents with jobs. Forty percent of those hires come from wards 5, 7, and 8. (WaPo, 5/17)

EDUCATION | MontCo lawmakers criticize schools for using surplus on pay, not classes (Examiner, 5/17)

HOUSING | Good news! Foreclosures in our region dropped nearly 8 percent in April. (WaPo, 5/17)

REGION | The Council of Governments has released a new study that looks at how the region’s neighborhoods affect modes of transportation. Not surprisingly, people in denser areas that have stores, restaurants, et cetera are more likely to walk or bike. (WaPo, 5/17) It does seem strange that the study doesn’t include data on commuters who hang-glide to work…

PLANNING | Arlington County Manager Barbara Donnellan is pushing for a $2.4 billion capital spending plan for work on major projects over the next 10 years, including a streetcar line and road improvement. (WaPo, 5/17) And yet no mention of funding for teleportation studies.

NONPROFITS | IRS Urged to Reduce Paperwork Burden on Charities (Chronicle, 5/17) “The federal government is asking big nonprofits like universities and hospitals to spend too much time and money reporting on their finances and other activities, nonprofit officials told members of Congress.”

PHILANTHROPY | On the Association of Small Foundations’ blog, a recent college grad reflects on what she learned interning at a family foundation. It is an interesting perspective from somebody without previous experience in philanthropy. (ASF, 5/17)

LOCAL | Words can’t describe how uniquely important Chuck Brown was to our region’s character, but CNN’s obituary for the Godfather shows that the rest of the country doesn’t quite get it:

“Go-Go,” 40 years after its founding, remains especially popular in its hometown of Washington, D.C.

“Go-Go” with quotation marks! Can you imagine an article describing “classical” or “rock” music? Critics would cry blasphemy. But that was Chuck’s gift to us – something our region could call our very own. If you’ve never heard it before, here is a recounting of the legendary creation of go-go courtesy of the Post:

One night, in an attempt to keep the dance floor from thinning out, he told his band to fill the dead air between songs with a beat. So his drummer kept the sticks moving. His percussionist kept slapping at the conga. His audience kept their heels on the parquet. His beat connected the songs.

Then, his songs connected the city.

This is one of those rare occasions when it is appropriate to turn your speakers all the way up, yell “Wind me up, Chuck!” and jump on your desk to dance to my favorite Chuck song – his own version of Day-O.

Earl Scruggs, Levon Helm, Donald Dunn, Adam Yauch, Chuck Brown. This has been a tough couple of weeks for music lovers, but at least these artists’ music will live on.

Rebekah has the Daily tomorrow. Have a great weekend!

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