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May 24, 2012 / Christian Clansky

Maryland foreclosure programs hurting recovery…New teacher evaluation rules for DC…Arlington tries new tactic to fight stormwater pollution [News, 5.24.12]

HOUSING | New data show that Maryland’s programs aimed at helping homeowners avoid losing their homes are actually prolonging the housing crisis by delaying inevitable foreclosures (Examiner, 5/24):

“In nine and a half out of 10 cases, modifications don’t work and the homes are eventually foreclosed on,” said Vince Caropreso, a Maryland real estate agent and certified distressed property expert.

– Yesterday, the District’s Office of the State Superintendent of Education announced new teacher evaluation rules for the city’s public schools (including some charters). While standardized tests previously counted for half of a teacher’s evaluation, they now can count for as little as 30 percent. (Examiner, 5/24)

Montgomery County, schools clash over employee raises (WaPo, 5/24) “[T]he county says [the raises are] excessive and could ultimately undermine student learning.”

That argument seems overly dramatic, but out of curiosity I wanted to compare the 3.4 raise to the county’s suggested $2,000 flat bonus. According to a document on the county’s website, Montgomery teachers make an average of $73,705 – the highest in the region and about $10,000 more than Prince George’s. So a 3.4 percent bump would be about $2506, or 25% more than the flat bonus rate.

ENVIRONMENT | Arlington County is developing “bioretention areas” to fight pollution from stormwater runoff with a project it is calling “green streets.” (Connection, 5/24) Sounds like a sci-fi movie.

Young guard: Sir! The bioretention area has been infiltrated!
Grouchy commander: My god! Drawn out pause. There’s only one man who can save us now.  (And that one man would be played by either Bruce Willis or Kurt Russell.)

HEALTH | Mapping a Lifetime of Health Risks (Atlantic, 5/23)

LOCAL | The Tysons Partnership, a nonprofit that will focus on developing Tysons Corner around its new metro stop, has named an executive director. (Connection, 5/24) Actually, his parents probably named him, but he still got the job.

The Daily will be taking a long weekend. We won’t have a roundup tomorrow, and then Rebekah will have a special announcement about WRAG’s Common Grant Application on Tuesday. After that, she’ll take the reins for a week while I globetrot like Indiana Jones. Or more like the Griswolds, probably. So I’ll see you next month!

– Christian

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