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June 11, 2012 / Christian Clansky

Capital Area Foreclosure Network responds to Examiner article…Low-income preference for charters?…Health care verdict possibilities [News, 6.11.12]

HOUSING | Last month, we linked to an Examiner article that claimed Maryland’s foreclosure prevention programs are ineffective. In a letter to the editor representing the Capital Area Foreclosure Network, the Nonprofit Roundtable’s Chuck Bean and the Council of Governments’ Paul DesJardin address inaccuracies in the original article. Among a number of corrections, they say (Examiner, 6/7 – second letter):

The article also includes a quote that “in nine and a half out of 10 cases, modifications don’t work and the homes are eventually foreclosed on.” In fact, 94 percent of homeowners granted permanent modifications are still current on their mortgage six months after the modification.

D.C. and Montgomery open new debate on affordable housing (WaPo, 6/09)

EDUCATION | A District task force is going to look at the possibility of a neighborhood admissions preference for charter schools. But the DC Fiscal Policy Institute says the task force should go a step further and consider preference for low-income students. (DCFPI, 6/8)

YOUTH | 5 Ways Data Can Save After-School Programs (Atlantic, 6/8) “[T]hese programs don’t have to fade away because of tough economic times.”

HEALTH | The Supreme Court is getting ready to deliver its verdict on the health care law this month. As this article points out, things would get really messy if the law is struck down. Things would also get really messy if the law is upheld. (WTOP, 6/11) How could a 2,000+ page law possibly cause a mess?

Mayor Gray Nominates Health Industry Experts to Panel That Will Implement President Obama’s Health Care Reform Law in the District (, 6/7)

It seems like the heat slowed down the news cycle over the weekend. I think people were a bit surprised to find out that August had arrived in the first week of June.

If there are any Quentin Tarantino fans out there, I’d recommend watching the trailer for his new movie – Django Unchained. It’s the story of a bounty hunter and a freed slave exacting revenge on an evil plantation owner played by Leonardo DiCaprio.

And if Tarantino’s not your cup of tea, maybe a little Stevie Wonder will help ease you into the week.

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