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June 13, 2012 / Christian Clansky

More than 70% of teens are jobless this summer…Having a father is a ‘luxury’…Mendelson voted in as interim D.C. Council chair [News, 6.13.12]

YOUTH | More than 70% of U.S. teens are jobless this summer, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics says that teen employment might never get back to where it was before the recession. The District leads the list of jurisdictions “most likely to have teens wanting summer work but unable to get it.”

With older adults, immigrants, and recent grads now filling low-skill jobs, teens are feeling the ripple effect. Experts argue that this causes a big problem for teens who were planning to enter the workforce rather than going to school, and it creates debt-risk for teens who want to save for college. (WTOP, 6/13)

FAMILIES | Courtland Milloy considers fatherhood in America and decides, unfortunately, that it has become a “luxury item” for newborns. (WaPo, 6/13)

Roughly one out of every three babies in the United States don’t get the dad. For black children in, say, Maryland and Virginia, 60 percent live in fatherless homes. In the District, it’s 80 percent.

Given all that is known about the benefits of fatherhood — kids less likely to live in poverty, more likely to do well in school, stay healthy and avoid incarceration — why is it so hard to have a two-parent household?

EDUCATION | Rushern Baker forms panel to offer ideas on Pr. George’s schools (WaPo, 6/13)

GIVING | Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has a clear philanthropic philosophy: “I would never give a gift that has restrictions.” (Chronicle, 6/13)

ECONOMY | Maryland, Virginia residents deeper in debt than most Americans (Examiner, 6/13)

TRAFFICKING | Northern Virginia Bill Signing Puts Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence in Spotlight (Connection, 6/13) “A rare moment of bipartisanship between Republican governor and Democratic legislators.”

– The D.C. Council has elected Phil Mendelson to serve as its interim chairman. The Post outlines why he is the right choice. (WaPo, 6/13)

– Interesting question from The AtlanticWhat If Mayors Ruled the World? (Atlantic, 6/13)

DEMOCRACY | The District government is allowing residents to assign grades to some of its agencies. It will release a report card later in the summer. (WaPo, 6/13)

COMMON GRANT APPLICATION | WRAG recently revised its Common Grant Application. This week, we hosted an information session about the revisions. Here are the highlights, as well as registration information for a second information session. (WG Daily, 6/13)

This might just be typical Hollywood patting itself on the back, but Paramount gathered 115 of “the greatest talents to ever work at the studio” (and also Justin Bieber, inexplicably) for a 100th anniversary photoshoot for Vanity Fair. It is pretty neat to see so many icons in one place. Needless to say, Tommy Chong is wearing a marijuana t-shirt and isn’t looking at the camera.

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