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June 21, 2012 / Christian Clansky

Data show alarming HIV rates for low-income African American women [News, 6.21.12]

A new study from the District’s Department of Health finds that the HIV infection rate for low-income, heterosexual African American women in the city has almost doubled in two years. Officials attribute the jump to wider testing efforts among high-risk populations revealing infections in previously untested women.

Overall, the city’s HIV/AIDS rate of new cases has decreased slightly in the last four years. (WaPo, 6/21)

Channing Wickham, executive director of the Washington AIDS Partnership, says:

The statistics on this high-risk population are alarming, and are a call to action. An important part of the story that shouldn’t be missed is that the District has made huge strides in its ability to gather useful and accurate data. With this report, the District provides information that shows us exactly where our work needs to be done.

EDUCATION | The College Board has installed a poignant reminder of the nation’s dropout rate in front of the Washington Monument. 857 empty desks sit on the lawn, representing the number of students who drop out of school each hour of every school day. The effort is aimed at making education a top priority for the upcoming presidential race. (MSNBC, 6/20) Thank you to Viki Betancourt at the World Bank for pointing this out.

YOUTH | Rebekah recaps a WRAG event that looked at disconnected youth in the District and the barriers to serving them. (WG Daily, 6/21)

WORKFORCE | From George Mason’s Center for Regional Analysis: “The Washington Metro Area gained 47,000 jobs in May 2012 compared to May 2011. This was the largest year-over-year increase since March 2011. Most of the new jobs are in the Education and Health Services Sector which increased by 16,600. The Federal Government Sector continues to shrink, declining by 3,400 jobs.” Read the full stats here.

VETERANS | The Department of Labor has awarded $15 million in grants to support workforce training for 8,600 homeless veterans. (WaPo, 6/21)

GIVING | According to a new survey, 69 percent of wealthy Americans said that they have an obligation to teach children about philanthropic giving. (Chronicle, 6/22) While that qualifies as a solid majority, what the heck do the other 31 percent think?

HOUSING | Census Bureau: Millions more Americans shared households in face of recession (WaPo, 6/21)

SARTORIAL STANDARDS | GGW has a good piece on how dress codes (federal ones, in particular) make it difficult to bike or walk to work. (GGW, 6/20) I propose a new summer dress code called “beach formal” – shorts/skirts, tucked in polos or dress shirts, and sandals. And sunscreen so the office smells like the beach.

LOCAL | Do you know where St. Elizabeths is? The District is planning summer events at the campus to familiarize the region’s residents with the location. (City Paper, 6/21) According to the District’s website (and a scolding from Rebekah), there is no apostrophe in the campus’ name. This confuses me. How many Elizabeths is the place named after? And even if it is more than one, there should still be an apostrophe! Argh!

Just a reminder that we won’t have a Daily tomorrow. Our computers will probably be melted from this heat by then anyway.

Here’s a story that will make you lose and then regain your faith in humanity. A 68-year old school bus monitor in New York was disgustingly verbally abused by a group of jerk teenagers in New York. Their stupidity was confirmed when they posted the harassment on Facebook.

Well, the video went viral and compassionate masses began donating money to send the victim on the “vacation of a lifetime.” So far, the efforts have raised $170,000. No word yet on how much has been raised to drop the teens off in the middle of a desert.

Hope you all have a nice weekend. Stay cool – and do something nice for somebody.

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