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June 25, 2012 / Christian Clansky

Homeless parents risk losing their kids when seeking out services…Patricia Mathews named to Nonprofit Roundtable board…Big demographic shifts in Prince George’s [News, 6.25.12]

HOMELESSNESS/FAMILIES | Family homelessness in the District has jumped 74 percent during the recession, but homeless families are facing a disturbing barrier in receiving services. If a family can’t provide a safe place to sleep for children, the parents can be reported to the Child and Family Services Agency for abuse and neglect. Homeless advocates say that this creates a “climate of fear” while the District says that it is an unfortunate but necessary tactic for keeping children safe. (WaPo, 6/24)

Related: OMB sued for not disclosing full records on federal buildings that could be used for homeless services (WaPo, 6/25)

EDUCATION | Prince George’s County schools Superintendent William Hite is a finalist to take over Philadelphia’s school system. (WaPo, 6/25) It seems like the press could have waited until a decision is made.

AGING | Here’s an in depth look at a terrible national trend – elder fraud. (WTOP, 6/23)

COMMUNITY | The Nonprofit Roundtable has elected Patricia Mathews (Northern Virginia Health Foundation) to its Board of Directors. She also currently serves as WRAG’s vice chair and is the former chair of our Health Working Group.

– No ruling on the healthcare law today. While we wait for the verdict, check out this interesting comparison of causes of death in the United States in 1900 compared to 2010. Fascinating! (WaPo, 6/22) The full report breaks down the decades in between.

D.C. inmates in federal prison file suit alleging lack of mental health care (WaPo, 6/25)

GRANT REVIEW | The DC Children and Youth Investment Trust Corporation is seeking individuals to review new funding proposals for two grant competitions: Green Team: Tag Removal and Community Beautification and DC YouthLink – Service Coalition.

DEMOGRAPHICS | New census data show that for the first time in more than forty years, “the number of whites in Prince George’s is on the upswing” – as is the number of Asians and Hispanics. The county’s African American population has decreased slightly. (WaPo, 6/25)

Related: Watch These American Cities Segregate, Even As They Diversify (Atlantic, 6/25) Our region (not just the District) is one of the case studies.

Fun facts: When Napoleon Bonaparte retreated from Egypt, he brought back a collection of beautifully woven scarves. Demand for the scarves was very high, but the Egyptian production process was difficult to replicate. Joseph Jacquard solved the problem by inventing a system where punch cards would automate the patterns for looms, vastly reducing labor demands.

In America, statistician Herman Hollerith became convinced that the punch card system could be applied to other things. He invented a tabulating system for the Census Bureau that used punch cards to collect demographic information. Analysis of census data was cut down from eight years to only seven months. Years later, Hollerith’s company was run by Thomas Watson, who renamed the company International Business Machines Corporation – which eventually used punch card technology to create…the IBM computer!

I have no idea why, but Jimmy Soul’s hilarious song If You Wanna Be Happy has been stuck in my head.

And, if you have three minutes to spare, check out this artist(?) who recreated Van Gogh’s The Starry Night painting using falling dominoes.

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