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July 12, 2012 / Christian Clansky

New details on Gray’s shadow campaign…District unveils new personalized 911 service…Virginia probing massive emergency service outage [News, 7.12.12]

POLITICS | The plot thickens. District Mayor Vincent Gray apparently learned about the illegal shadow campaign that helped finance his election bid in January of this year – three months before a federal investigation was opened. (WaPo, 7/12)

Additionally, the Associated Press is reporting a new story that the Gray campaign knowingly paid day laborers a wage twice the legal limit and listed the expenditure as “consulting fees.” (AP, 7/12)

Amid the growing controversy, city councilmembers Catania, Cheh, and Bowser have called for Gray’s resignation. (WTOP, 7/12)

HEALTH | A new study from the Center for Studying Health Systems finds that most Medicaid patients “visit hospital emergency rooms for perceived emergencies, not for routine care.” (Sun, 7/12)

– A whopping 2.3 million Northern Virginia residents didn’t have access to the 911 emergency service for as many as four days after the derecho. Investigations are underway to determine why this happened and how it can be prevented during the next derecho, snowpocalypse, earthquake, or whatever Mother Nature has lined up for us. (WaPo, 7/12) I love using the word “whopping.”

– A new 911 system (called Smart911) in the District is designed to provide responders with personalized information about the caller’s medical history, allergies, and home floor plans. The city has a good rollout strategy to help encourage registration with the system (WaPo, 7/12):

[I]n an effort to make the option available to people who don’t have easy Internet access, the city will send a WiFi-enabled van to some communities and will encourage residents to enroll at public libraries and at schools.

PHILANTHROPY | As the Atlantic Philanthropies prepares to end its giving in 2016, the foundation has unveiled its remaining priorities as a first step in its close-out strategy. (Chronicle, 7/12)

HOUSING | The District Office of Human Rights launches fair housing campaign (WaPo, 7/11)

LOCAL HISTORY | DCist linked to a really cool blog about the lost local history. I’ll probably spend all weekend reading it, but a featured story is that the Potomac River was once home to…SHARKS! (GoDC, 7/12) Also, speaking of sharks – this went viral yesterday.

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the Rolling Stones’ first concert together, performed at the Marquee Club in London. Personally, I’m about 65/35 on the Stones. I absolutely love their early stuff – Get Off of My Cloud, Mother’s Little Helper, You Can’t Always Get What You Want, 19th Nervous Breakdown, etc. But their later stuff is really…blah. Start Me Up, for example, is one of the worst rock songs of all time.

Anyway, there is no denying their huge impact and a whopping(!) fifty years together very impressive. Here’s my all time favorite Stones anthem – and one of my favorite songs, period – Sympathy for the Devil.

What about you, folks? Favorite song? Hope you all have a nice and relaxing weekend! See you Monday.

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