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November 8, 2012 / Christian Clansky

WRAG members fund one-stop hub for veterans…Fighting youth homelessness…D.C. charter schools rated [News, 11.8.12]

VETERANS | Our region has a wealth of resources to support veterans and their families, but there is a gap between what is available and what veterans know is available. A newly launched project called Serving Together aims to be a one-stop hub of information for Montgomery County vets (Gazette, 11/7):

“What we all experience, is sometimes you don’t know the right questions to ask,” [project founder Jessica McNurlen] said. “… We just want to make sure that people know the direction they can go.”

Serving Together connects veterans to services and events for them, such as job fairs, transition conferences, scholarships and veterans celebrations. It also helps employers connect with potential hires and lets service providers know what’s available if a veteran comes through the door with questions.

“Really, just being able to avoid giving [veterans] a 1-800 number or saying, ‘I’m sorry, we don’t do that and don’t know who does,’” McNurlen said.

Serving Together is supported  by the Consumer Health Foundation, Healthcare Initiative Foundation, Sanford and Doris Slavin Foundation, the Clark Charitable Foundation, Inc., the Community Foundation for Montgomery County, the Community Foundation for the National Capital Region, and the Morris & Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation.

HOMELESSNESS | November is National Youth Homelessness Awareness month. The DC Alliance of Youth Advocates has a great blog post that looks at the scope of youth homelessness in our region, key characteristics of the problem locally, and what can be done to solve the problem. (DCAYA, 11/5)

– The District’s charter board has released school ratings, which puts the 64 charters in three tiers (high, middling, low). Twenty were rated as high performers, 35 were in the middle, nine were ranked low. The low schools face greater oversight and potential closure if ratings don’t improve. (WaPo, 11/8)

Study chides D.C. teacher turnover (WaPo, 11/8)

Opinion: Share Our Strength’s Billy Shore has recommendations for President Obama’s “first 100 days” on how to fight poverty and hunger. (HuffPo, 11/7) Of course Obama already is the president, so he could start on this right away…

The Atlantic compares the poverty gender gap in the United States with the international average. (Atlantic, 11/7)

I know that the storm hitting the northeast right now is causing big problems, especially for those who are still recovering from Sandy. But I thought I’d point out that this is the first winter storm with a name – Athena. We’re just asking for it with the next one, which will be named Brutus.

A project called “Empty America” has been using time-lapse videos to show what major cities would look like without people in them. They are really cool – and a bit creepy. D.C. is the subject of the latest one.

Rebekah has the Daily tomorrow. Have a great weekend!

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