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November 27, 2012 / Christian Clansky

Fighting for voters’ rights…Giving Tuesday…Local universities partner with KIPP charters [News, 11.27.12]

COMMUNITY | The Naomi and Nehemiah Cohen Foundation is a champion of an essential truth – that the right to vote is central to American democracy. To this end, the foundation has spent years building a funding portfolio that strengthens civic participation, especially through efforts to ensure that the rights of under-represented constituencies are protected.

Leading up to this year’s presidential election, voter rights advocates were deeply concerned about planned efforts for organized voter suppression – especially for minority populations in swing states.  The Cohen Foundation’s Daniel Solomon, who serves on WRAG’s board, was determined to make sure that the electoral process would occur justly and fairly. So, he went to Ohio to participate in a huge voter protection effort.

As expected, the protection effort was needed. Read his story, Putting My Mouth Where Our Money Is. (WG Daily, 11/27)

EDUCATION | Georgetown University (Hoya Saxa!) and Trinity Washington University have announced a new partnership with the KIPP charter school network. The universities have set recruiting targets to create a pipeline for KIPP graduates to attend these schools. (WaPo, 11/27)

– Have you heard about Giving Tuesday? It’s a campaign to brand the Tuesday after Thanksgiving (today!) as a day for charitable giving, in the same vein as Black Friday and Cyber Monday for shopping. Read more here. (WAMU, 11/26) Black Friday keeps creeping earlier and earlier – it started before Thanksgiving this year – so hopefully the same trend will happen with Giving Tuesday.

– According to the Chronicle of Philanthropy, online giving during Thanksgiving week was up 61 percent from last year. (Chronicle, 11/27)

– The Bridgespan Group has released a huge collection of video interviews with more than 50 major philanthropists. The project, called Give Smart, offers great insight about why these people give, what their goals are, and how they measure impact.

ARTS | Last week, Courtland Milloy wrote a great piece on THEARC (Town Hall Education Arts Recreation Campus) in Anacostia. (WaPo, 11/20)

BUDGETS | According to the Examiner, the District lost more than $4 million in revenue from tickets because of errors committed by the issuing officers. While nobody is perfect – and the traffic violators are surely happy – that’s a lot of dough to waste. More than 4 million donuts worth. (Examiner, 11/27)

Are you sick of Gangnam Style yet? In case you aren’t, some genius choreographed a huge Christmas lights show for the song. It’s pretty awesome.

And for those of you who are sick of hearing the words “Oppa Gangnam Sytle,” see if you can solve this really tricky Sporcle puzzle. It is doable without any guessing, but you might want to scribble some notes – and be sure to read the rules.

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