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December 4, 2012 / Christian Clansky

Opinions on the fiscal cliff and charity…Supporting the Grandparent Caregiver Program…District hiring laws not being enforced [News, 12.4.12]

– Opinion: As nonprofit leaders head to the Hill today and tomorrow, the Center for Responsive Philanthropy’s Aaron Dorfman says that the charitable deduction shouldn’t be the top priority for our sector (NCRP, 12/4):

Our number one priority should be to raise tax rates on the wealthy by allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire for Americans earning more than $250,000 per year. We should also seek to prevent cuts to vital programs that serve poor and elderly Americans and to secure strategic investments that stimulate the economy and create jobs.

– Meanwhile, the White House has estimated that charities would lose $10 billion under a possible limit on deductions – and the administration says that isn’t acceptable. (Chronicle, 12/4)

I can’t even figure out who wants what anymore. President Obama supported the cap before, but now the Republicans want it? Too confusing.

Opinion: Here’s another perspective on charity and the fiscal cliff from Patricia McGuire of Trinity University. She asks a poignant question (HuffPo, 12/4):

What are we willing to give up to be the kind of nation we aspire to be in the future — and do we know what that is?

WORKFORCE | A new report finds that District laws requiring jobs to go to city residents for publicly-funded projects isn’t yielding the intended hiring levels. The report cites poor law enforcement as the reason. (WAMU, 12/4)

FAMILIES | Opinion: A D.C. Council proposal seeks to change the Grandparent Caregiver Program, which supports low-income grandparents who are raising their grandchildren. The Children Law Center’s Judith Sandalow writes about why the council should support the program (WAMU, 12/4):

The proposed change in the Grandparent Caregiver Program would help allow more children to stay with grandmothers and grandfathers. If it passes, it will be proof that the D.C. Council supports the goal of narrowing the front door to foster care and keeping children connected with their families.

GRANTS | The Healthcare Initiative Foundation has opened its FY13 General Operating Support round. The application is available online and an info session will be held on December 11th. Read more here.

HEALTH | Officials negotiate sale of D.C. health plan’s assets (WaPo, 12/4)

EVENT | Just a reminder that the post-election 8 Neighbors event, originally scheduled for tomorrow, has been canceled.

LOCAL | What a game last night! I’ve been singing my favorite holiday song all morning – “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas [and Hanukkah], everywhere RGIII goes!”

TRANSIT | Metro spent a year and a ton of money fixing the escalators at Dupont Circle. In the 40 days since reopening, they’ve broken down 20 times. (Examiner, 12/4)

Yesterday, the internet blew up with “BREAKING NEWS” the Kate Middleton is pregnant. Not long after the news dropped, speculation arose that Kate could be having twins. The speculation is based on nothing more than her morning sickness, but it was apparently fit to print. So I will one-up (or three-up) the Telegraph and ask: Could it be sextuplets for Kate?

Anyhow, I hope they have a boy and name him Arthur. On a related note, this is a fantastic book if you like history mixed with a little mythology. 

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