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January 3, 2013 / Rebekah Seder, Editor

2013 to decide the fate of the Purple Line…More on the fiscal cliff deal and the region…The Chesapeake is cleaning up [News 1.3.12]

This is the year that will determine the future of the Purple Line, as Maryland tries to get federal funding for the project while simultaneously generating new revenue to grow the state’s Transportation Trust Fund. (WTOP, 1/2)

– There was certainly plenty to not like in the fiscal cliff deal, but on the bright side, it raised the monthly transit benefit to $240, from $125. (Examiner, 1/2)

– Speaking of which, here’s how all of the uncertainty around the federal budget is negatively affecting the District’s ability to fully fund critical programs, such as the Housing Production Trust Fund. (DCFPI, 1/2)

– The fiscal cliff deal didn’t include the cap on charitable tax deductions, but with deep budget cuts to social programs looming, it’s still looking pretty grim.  (Chronicle, 1/2)

– And in case you were still trying to be optimistic, here are some regional leaders talking about just how bad it will be for our region if the sequestration cuts happen in March. (WUSA9, 1/2)

ARTS | Head of National Endowment for the Arts gets mostly rave reviews as he exits the stage (WaPo, 12/27)

REGION | Tyson’s Corner, on the verge of a do-over (WaPo, 1/3)

ENVIRONMENT | According to a new report from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, the overall condition of the Bay, while still basically dismal, is showing signs of improvement. (WaPo, 1/3)

NONPROFITS | P.G. considers return to charity poker (Examiner, 1/3)

I’m not much of a football fan, but even I would appreciate seeing this flag fly over Seattle’s city hall next week.


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