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January 7, 2013 / Christian Clansky

Charters expel far more students than traditional public schools…D.C.’s poverty gap compared to other cities…Many MoCo Latinos can’t afford healthcare [News, 1.7.13]

– D.C.’s charter schools expelled 646 students over the last three years compared to only 24 in traditional public schools, according to data from the Washington Post. It’s a tricky comparison though – DCPS can’t technically expel students since it is mandated to serve all residents. Charters don’t have the same mandate.

The discrepancy has brewed a bit of a controversy. Some parents think that the publicly-funded charters shouldn’t have so much freedom to discipline while others argue that this freedom can improve the learning environment. (WaPo, 1/6)

Related: D.C. school closings push parents to charter schools (Examiner, 1/7)

– Must see TV! Tomorrow night, PBS’ Frontline will air an examination of whether or not the District has sufficiently addressed suspicions of test tampering during Michelle Rhee’s chancellorship. (WaPo, 1/7) What will they uncover? What is to become of Rhee’s legacy? Who shot J.R.?

EQUITY | City Paper’s Aaron Wiener used census data to map out the income gap in the District. Then he compared it to other cities. Not surprisingly, we have a pretty stark divide and it shows up very clearly on the map. Philadelphia is the only city with more concentrated poverty, it seems. (City Paper, 1/7)

Take a look at the Boston map. It looks like there is a huge concentration of low-income residents living in…the ocean. Living in the water would certainly dampen your outlook on life.

HEALTH | A recent survey finds that many of Montgomery County’s Latinos don’t get regular checkups because they can’t afford health care. (Examiner, 1/7)

TRANSIT | Here’s a really cool article about how Capital Bikeshare went from an idea to a huge success. (Slate, 1/7)

DAILY | Just a friendly reminder that the WG Daily will become The Daily WRAG starting next week. Here’s a little more info from an earlier post. We’ll have a transition post later this week with everything you need to know, which is basically that you’ll get some more content and things will look just a little different. No biggie!

Happy 2013, folks! I’m glad we all survived the Mayan apocalypse. My prediction that we wouldn’t go off the fiscal cliff didn’t quite come true. But hey, Congress reaching a deal at all, even a couple of days late, is a minor miracle. I think this cartoon lends amusing perspective to our current political environment.

I’m pretty bummed about the Redskins getting knocked out by the Seattle ratbirds, but at least the Capitals are finally on their way back to town. Anyhow, this seems like a good song to start off the year. I have no idea what Van Morrison is saying for most of the song (or really, most of the time in general), but the chorus is uplifting! 

– Christian

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