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January 14, 2013 / Christian Clansky

The Daily gets a new name! [News, 1.14.13]

DAILY | Welcome to The Daily WRAG! It’s the same Daily you’re used to with a new name and some more content periodically. If you visit us on the web (rather than getting an email subscription), you can now go to – and the old still works, too. You’ll notice a few design changes soon, but we aren’t rocking the boat too much!

PHILANTHROPY | When Bill Hanbury (a WRAG board member) took over the United Way of the National Capital Area three years ago, he faced a slew of major organizational challenges. Since then, he’s transformed the local United Way into a thriving organization. And, before he steps down from the post in September, Hanbury wants to fundamentally reform the United Way’s role in workplace giving (WaPo, 1/14):

Instead of transacting money from a donor to a charity, United Way’s new approach is to broker partnerships between the two to create social programs, while collecting a fee from the donor.

“We have to convince corporate donors that this model has value, but they have to sustain the operations side of this. There’s no transaction costs. They have to believe in United Way.”

– A new report from JPMorgan and the Global Impact Investing Network looks at impacting investing and finds that, while there are challenges, major impact investors are highly satisfied with their results. (Chronicle, 1/13)

Here’s a weird memory that resurfaced from Mr. Achilles’ 8th grade history class: JP Morgan had a deformed nose and made sure that any photograph of him was polished to diminish the deformity.

NONPROFITS | Survey: Many Nonprofit Workers Are Anxious About Retirement Planning (Chronicle, 1/12) Well, yeah.

NEW COLUMN | One of the new features of the Daily is commentary from Tamara Copeland, WRAG’s president. She’ll share thoughts on topics including leadership, philanthropy, and the region. In today’s column, Tamara reflects on how spending time caring for an elderly relative has given her a new perspective on leadership transition between generations (Daily, 1/14):

Demographers are telling us that we have to prepare for the senior tsunami…But how do we also prepare for a large segment of vital gray-haired 60, 70 even 80 year old thinkers and doers whose energy and expertise need to be channeled for society’s benefit?

EDUCATION | An AP column making the rounds today asks, Will longer school year help or hurt US students? (WTOP, 1/14)

HOUSING | In Prince George’s, hundreds of vacant houses drag down neighborhoods (WaPo, 1/14)

ENVIRONMENT | No pressure, Mother Nature, but the health of the Chesapeake Bay for the next few years apparently depends on this spring’s weather. I won’t ruin the surprise of finding out why, but I will say that any article that uses the words “double whammy” is worth a read. (WAMU, 1/14)

– A panel on our region’s economic growth revealed an unfortunate fact: many of the region’s economic leaders aren’t interested in cross-jurisdictional collaboration. (WBJ, 1/12)

– Last week, the New York Times attributed our region’s economic boom to federal tax dollars and suggested that, with likely declines in allocations, we might be past our peak. Not so fast, says the Washington Business Journal, our region has a lot to offer! (WBJ, 1/12)

Happy Monday, friends. Did anyone catch the Golden Globes? I only saw a few minutes, but I thought Sacha Baron Cohen’s joke about Gerard Depardieu’s weight was hilarious. Argo was great, although I’m surprised it beat Lincoln. And while I haven’t seen Les Miserables yet, it would have to be a stunningly brilliant movie for me to like it more than Silver Linings Playbook.

Anyhow, is everyone ready for the inauguration fever?

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