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January 17, 2013 / Rebekah Seder, Editor

Foreclosures down across most of the region…$1.1 million in grants for youth job training…DCPS closures to be announced today [News, 1.17.13]

HOUSING | Over the last two years, the foreclosure rate has dropped significantly across the region – except in Maryland, where regulations meant to delay foreclosures led to an increase in the filings in 2012. (Examiner, 1/17)

YOUTH | Three local organizations have won $1.1 million in grants from the D.C. Workforce Investment Council to provide job training to high school students in the District, ending two years of contention over a 2010 contract. (WaPo, 1/15)

JOBS | City Paper looks at whether Mayor Gray’s One City One Hire workforce development program is really getting the results it is touting. (City Paper, 1/16)

COMMUNITY | Earlier this week, longtime WRAG member and former board chair Viki Betancourt was honored by her World Bank colleagues on the occasion of her retirement. Mayor Vincent Gray (pictured at left with Viki), Deputy Mayor BB Otero, and many of her World Bank colleagues and others from the region’s philanthropic and nonprofit community were on hand to express their deep appreciation for Viki’s service to the region during her 17 years at the World Bank. We’ll miss you, Viki!

D.C. principals, Georgetown launch leadership program (WaPo, 1/17)

Final List Of DCPS Closures To Be Released Today (WAMU, 1/17)

– In response to the United Way of the National Capital Area‘s recent restructuring of workplace giving, Rick Cohen considers “what we lose when we lose workplace giving.” (NPQ, 1/13)

– Here’s the long-form version of how the charitable deduction fight before the fiscal cliff agreement went down. (Chronicle, 1/13)

TONIGHT | Everybody, stock up on candles and canned peaches, it might snow a little bit this evening. (WaPo, 1/17)

Speaking of majorly overreacting to minor weather events…


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