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January 29, 2013 / Christian Clansky

Nonprofit hiring expected to increase, retention remains a problem [News, 1.29.13]

NONPROFITS | Economic confidence appears to be growing in the nonprofit sector. A survey finds that 44 percent of nonprofit organizations plan to hire more staff this year, which is a significant increase over recent years. At the same time, the survey also finds that retention is a problem (Chronicle, 1/29):

– About 38 percent of groups cited difficulty in holding onto employees under age 30.

– Just under a third of the organizations cited an inability to offer a competitive salary as the greatest obstacle to keeping staff members.

– One in five groups highlighted excessive workloads and a lack of opportunity for promotions as contributing to an inability to hold onto staff.

There’s an interesting subtext the data. Health, environment/animal welfare, and education nonprofits lead the pack for staff increases. Human services and the arts/humanities are at the bottom. Does this reflect the current giving priorities of funders? Or are these types of nonprofits already well staffed?

WORKFORCE/WELFARE | Earlier in the month, the Post wrote about a conflict between Mayor Gray and the council over sanctions for welfare recipients who don’t participate in job training programs. The Consumer Health Foundation’s president and CEO, Yanique Redwood, suggests that the goals of recipients and elected officials align – the former doesn’t want to be in the system and the latter wants more people out of it.

She reflects on her personal experiences and how reforms to TANF should include three things: a sector-based network approach to employment, an eye toward career progression, and a supportive infrastructure. (CHF, 1/29)

HOUSING | At a rally for affordable housing in the District last week, councilmembers and Mayor Gray affirmed their commitment to improving housing options. Being D.C., there was obviously some political drama, too. (GGW, 1/29)

YOUTH | Ed Davies, the new executive director of the Children and Youth Investment Trust Corporation, spoke with the Examiner about his priorities (Examiner, 1/29):

“[D]e-politicizing the influence of elected officials on the organization” is one of his top priorities.

Davies said that the council should continue to oversee the trust but that some donors want assurances that council members will not redirect private money donated to the trust.

DAILY | On rare occasions (like yesterday), Google’s Feedburner service forgets to email you the Daily. Apologies for the glitch, but you can read yesterday’s news roundup here.

Remember last week, when the nation’s top headline was…I’m almost embarrassed to write this…whether Beyonce had lip-synced the national anthem at the inauguration? Well that national crisis can be laid to rest because we now know exactly what she was singing. The finale is especially spectacular. La Fway!


  1. kldavis / Jan 29 2013 3:34 pm

    So the google feedburner is continuing to stick it to you — or is that us? Every time I clicked on the Beyonce link, it took me to yesterday’s issue instead. Boo.

  2. christian clansky / Jan 29 2013 3:36 pm

    Shoot – sorry! Here’s the direct link:

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