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January 30, 2013 / Christian Clansky

Former Gates CEO to head Martha’s table…Limiting expectations for development directors…D.C. won’t spend its surplus [News, 1.30.13]

COMMUNITY | Martha’s Table has announced that Patty Stonesifer will become its new executive director in April. Stonesifer ran the Gates Foundation for nearly a decade and her shift in scale from an international foundation to a local nonprofit is a subject of a front page profile in today’s Post (WaPo, 1/30):

“If you just look at my résumé, I find that I have to explain this,” Stonesifer said last week at the temporary office she’d established at a Busboys and Poets table across the street from her new home base. In between a series of briefings from Martha’s Table managers, she tried to explain how a top-of-the-charts philanthropy pro came to match fates with an ambitious local charity.

“But if you know me, I don’t have to explain it at all,” she said. “I absolutely think I can help Martha’s Table, but this is going to be wonderful for me.”

– Grantmakers in Health has named Osula Rushing as its new vice president for program and strategy.

– Congratulations to the District’s Life Pieces to Masterpieces on being named the sole beneficiary of the 2013 BET Honors!

NONPROFITS | In a new installment of his Against the Grain series, The Meyer Foundation’s Rick Moyers delivers a clear message about fundraising expectations – Development Directors Are Not Miracle Workers (Chronicle, 1/30):

My concern is that too many executives and boards, beleaguered by relentless pressure to raise money, have unrealistic expectations about what a development director can accomplish. For most executive directors—and especially for leaders of small organizations—fundraising is an integral and important part of their jobs. Hiring a development director won’t make that go away.

Perhaps development directors could learn a lesson on setting expectations from Montgomery Scott!

PHILANTHROPY | Opinion: It Isn’t Time to Thank President Obama for Helping Charities (Chronicle, 1/30)

BUDGETS | The District’s budget surplus has totaled out at $417 million for 2012. That money won’t be immediately spent, but will instead be put into the city’s “rainy-day” fund. (DCist, 1/30) This begs the question, what constitutes a rainy day? The city is already flooded with problems that need to be addressed immediately.

ARTS | Check out the Kennedy Center’s new expansion plan, a $100 million project that will include outdoor pavilions, pedestrian-friendly connections, and space for music education classes. (GGW, 1/30)

LOCAL | As if the District’s network of circles, quadrants, and one-way streets isn’t confusing enough, our logically lettered streets skip the letter J. You all know that already, but here are three competing theories – and the truth. (GoDC, 1/30) Bonus points if you can explain the absence of B Street.

Sometimes the weather demands a very specific song and today that song is Sir Duke by Stevie Wonder. It was written to celebrate our hometown hero Duke Ellington. Listen soon because this song will be the more appropriate one by tonight.

Also, I want to be sure to wish you all a very happy Draw a Dinosaur Day! Velociraptors, despite being clever, are overdone. So I think I’ll probably draw a brachiosaurus since I made one out of clay in third grade.

Note: I included the wrong link to Beyonce’s national anthem yesterday. Here’s the real one. Sorry. La Fway.

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